April 17, 2017

Day to Night Vacation Outfits in a Kimono

I already talked about the one piece you need for a beach vacation. Well, here’s the second: the kimono. I’ve been traveling to a bunch of beach resorts this month and I’ve been all about that kimono life. A kimono can easily take you from day to night… and it doesn’t crease during packing!

I first brought this kimono with me to Mexico, and wore it as a coverup on the beach. I particularly like tie kimonos because they offer a little more coverage when you sit by the pool for lunch. I later used the same kimono to bring my denim shorts to dinner during my weekend in Aruba (more to come on that trip soon!). It’s a great way to dress up even the most simplest outfits and helps keep you warm when the ocean breeze sets in. Another bonus? The kimono doubles as a robe when you lounge back in your room at night.

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Sydne Style reviews Mexico resort Marquis Los CabosSydne Style shows how to wear a kimono on a beach vacationSydne Style shows the best coverups for pear shapes in a floral kimonoSydne Style shows the best coverups for pear shapes in a floral kimonoSydne Style weaers White House Black Market block heel sandalsSydne Style shares the best beach coverups for curves in floral kimonoSydne Style wears paloma blue floral kimono for beach vacation outfit ideasSydne Style shows vacation outfit ideas in agolde denim shorts and a kimonoSydne Style wears floral kimono for beach vacation packing tipsSydne Style shows what to pack for a beach vacation in paloma blue kimonoKimono: Paloma Blue
Bikini: Vix
Sunnies: Sonix
Necklaces: Covet and Dana Rebecca
Cami; J. Crew (on sale!)
Shorts: AGolde
Shoes: White House Black Market
Bag: Stella & Dot

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  1. Natali commented:

    Super cool idea! Love your bikini and your body is so beach time ready! Way to go girl!

    Published 4.17.17 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      You’re so sweet, thank you!

      Published 4.17.17 Reply
  2. That is the perfect kimono. The color looks so pretty on you X,abril
    The color palette

    Published 4.17.17 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Thanks so much Abril!

      Published 4.19.17 Reply
  3. Liv commented:

    Kimonos are so versatile!


    Published 4.17.17 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:


      Published 4.19.17 Reply
  4. Louis Dupond commented:
    Published 4.23.17 Reply
  5. That’s look so brilliant, congrats!

    Published 7.4.22 Reply
  6. wordle today commented:

    fantastic concept Love your bikini, and your figure is perfect for the beach! Bravo, young lady!

    Published 7.18.22 Reply
  7. quordle commented:

    This kimono outfit isn’t similar with the traditional of Japan but it looks great.

    Published 10.18.22 Reply
  8. nerdle commented:

    I’ve read a number of other blogs, but yours has convinced me; I hope you’ll continue to provide more wonderful blogs in the future. quordle

    Published 2.1.23 Reply
  9. James Core commented:

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    Published 3.10.23 Reply
  10. worlde commented:

    worlde(Worlde) is a word puzzle game and a text visualization tool that was created by Jonathan Feinberg in 2008. It generates “word clouds” from a block of text by displaying the most frequently used words in a unique, eye-catching layout. The size of each word in the cloud represents its frequency in the text, with the most frequently used words appearing in larger font sizes.

    Published 3.15.23 Reply

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