March 28, 2018

How to Rock the Orange Lipstick Trend Without Yellow Teeth

Sydne Style shows the best orange lipsticks for spring in mac vegas voltOrange lipstick is having a major moment in the beauty world. I love the look as an alternative to red for a bold spring and summer lip. But what I don’t love is what orange lipstick does to your teeth. Even if you have pearly whites, a true orange shade will make your teeth look more yellow.

I realized this years ago when I tried a classic orange lipstick. I took some photos and majorly freaked. Why were my teeth so yellow in every image? I thought back to my studio art classes in college and realized it made sense. The yellow undertones of the orange reflected off of my teeth, causing my smile to have a yellow tinge.

Instead of retiring my orange lipstick, I tried layering a pink gloss on top. Since the pink had blue undertones, it had the effect I was looking for. My teeth no longer looked yellow.

Tons of makeup artists are using orange shades on their celebrity clients. Patrick Ta often gives Olivia Munn a pop of orange color and Hung Vanngo brings an orange shade to the lips of his models, including Karlie Kloss and Emily Ratajkowski.

If you want to try the orange lipstick trend for Spring, here are my top two tips:

1. Add a gloss with cool undertones

If you’re playing with a bright orange lipstick, reduce the yellow by adding a sheer pink or red gloss on top that has cool undertones (so more of a blue-ish tint). Some glosses I’m loving right now are BareMinerals Moxie for lip plumping and the newย Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine for extra glossy lips.

2. Go for a more coral-orange

Instead of a classic orange, I’ve turned to a coral-orange recently. My current fave is MAC “Vegas Volt,” which I’m wearing in these photos. The addition of pink to the lipstick helps in keeping my teeth looking white…so no gloss is needed!

Sydne Style shows the best coral lipsticks for spring in mac vegas voltPhotos byย Michelle Kyle

Click here for my fave red lipsticks!

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  1. Melody commented:

    Love that color:)

    Published 3.28.18 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Thanks Melody, it’s a new fave!

      Published 3.28.18 Reply
  2. Natali commented:

    You are looking absolutely adorable here!

    Published 3.28.18 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Aw thanks Natali!

      Published 3.28.18 Reply
  3. Thank you so much for this beauty tip. It all makes sense now that I’ve read about it.

    I found you via Catherine’s Not Dressed as Lamb where we were both featured. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    Published 4.7.18 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      So glad it helped! And thanks for stopping by. How fun we were both featured ๐Ÿ™‚

      Published 4.8.18 Reply
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  5. Linda James commented:

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    Published 9.4.22 Reply

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