December 10, 2018

What to Wear to an Office Holiday Party

Sydne Style shows what to wear to an office holiday party in velvet midi dress

Now that I work for myself, I don’t get to attend too many office holiday parties. But back when I worked at E! we had such a fun bash every December. When it came to picking out a dress to wear to a work holiday party, I generally followed the same guidelines. In case you’re figuring out what to wear to an office holiday party wanted to share them in Day 8 of 12 Days of Holiday Style.

I personally like to stand out at office holiday parties. Social environments are a great place to bond with your boss and colleagues. But there are good ways and bad ways to stand out. Here are my dos and don’ts:

DO go for a bold color or print

Colors and prints are a great way to stand out in a crowd. In a sea of little black dresses, a vibrant shade will get you noticed in a good way. I went for a hot pink velvet dress. If you’re not a fan of bold color, you can do a black dress with a metallic print.

DON’T wear anything revealing

Anything too low cut or super short is bound to get you noticed in a bad way. Sure, Christina Hendricks looked killer in those form fitting dresses on Mad Men. But that much cleavage is best saved for a different type of holiday party.

DO opt for moderate necklines and hemlines

To be safe, I like to go for a high neckline and a midi length dress. If you prefer a shorter dress, that’s fine too as long as it’s not too short. I always recommend to my friends to think back to high school when we had the fingertip rule for our schoolgirl skirt: try keeping the hemline below your fingertips when you have your hands down at your sides.

DON’T try out new shoes

There is nothing worse then hobbling around a party.  A) it’s painful. B) your coworker might thinks you’re drunk! Save the new shoes for your friend’s holiday party and instead slip into shoes you know you can walk in. I can dance the night away in my pink satin pumps.

Sydne Style wears pink velvet dress for holiday party dresses

DO have fun with your accessories

Accessories are great conversation starters. You don’t want anything to showy or blingy but a unique piece of jewelry or handbag makes it easy for your coworkers to notice and spark up a conversation.

I hope my dos and don’t help you if you’re planning on what to wear to an office holiday party!


Sydne Style wears hot pink velvet for holiday party style

Sydne Style wears topshop pink velvet dress for holiday party outfit ideas



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