August 27, 2019

5 Tips on Creating the Perfect Picnic This Labor Day Weekend

Sydne Style shares tips on how to throw a summer picnic with watermelon and bamboo towels

With only a few weeks left of summer, it’s the ideal time to throw a little party outside on the grass or sand. And hosting a picnic for my friends is on the my end-of-summer bucket list. I’ve always thought I was decently good at creating picnics… until I became friends with Elizabeth and Laura, that is. They are seriously the picnic queens! Here are a few tips I’ve learned from them, as well as my own, on how to create the perfect picnic.

1. Set a theme

I love a good theme when it comes to hosting parties. But I never thought about setting a theme for a picnic until I attended Laura’s Moroccan picnic. It was such a clever idea to set a theme. It made it easier to think about decor, food and beverages. No matter the theme, a classic straw picnic basket will always fit in. Here are some options under $65:

2. Light the Space

Since picnics are generally during the day, I’ve never thought about lighting. Again, this was before becoming friends with Elizabeth and Laura. Both of them utilize lighting to bring a dreamy vibe to their picnics. They fill lanterns with fairy lights (way safer and easier than worrying about candles in the wind!) and use them to hold down blankets. A bonus? With lighting, you can stay at your picnic until after the sun sets!

3. Bring Extra blankets

Speaking of blankets, always bring extra. They’re not just for sitting. They come in super handy as the sun starts to set and guests get chilly. I love these $14 bamboo towels I found on Amazon. I use them as beach towels and also for picnic blankets. Plus, as you might have seen on my Instagram Stories, they easily wrap around your body like a sarong. Plus, they dry super fast, which is great for any picnic spills.

Sydne Style shows how to throw a moroccan picnic on the beach with laura lily and elizabeth keene

4. Provide ample seating

A picnic blanket is great and all but how about picnic pillows? They are way more comfy and are especially great if you’re setting up shop on some uneven terrain. Plus, outdoor pillows can really set the mood of your picnic. You can pick a color theme or print and go wild. I love going to Home Goods for these types of decor but in case you don’t have one nearby here are some options online: 

5. Enlist a dresscode

Ok, this one isn’t for everyone. But I a dress code really elevates a picnic. Years ago, my friend Kelly threw a Great Gatsby themed white party picnic and it was so memorable that I still think about six years later. That was a pretty specific dress code. But you can make it easy with colors, like a pink party or a white party, or simple theme that people probably already have in their closet, like stripes or polka dots.

I hope these tips help you if you’re planning a summer picnic this Labor Day weekend!

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