October 15, 2019

3 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Do Last Minute

Sydne Style shows cute pun halloween costume ideas as dust bunny

To say I love Halloween is an understatement. I love that the holiday allows you to unleash your creativity and I get excited every year to plan my costumes. But when I did a poll on Instagram asking what type of Halloween costumes you wanted to see, so many people asked for easy ideas. So I came up with three super easy last minute Halloween costume ideas that require minimal effort. Each one is a pun and you only have to buy one or two inexpensive items to create the look.

dust bunny

The first easy Halloween costume idea is a play on the traditional bunny costume. Depending on your outfit, the dust bunny costume can be worn to any type of Halloween party. Here is what you need:

  • {Bunny ears} I thought these gray bunny ears ($7.99) seemed more “dust bunny” then regular bunny. But if you already have a pair of ears from a past costume or Easter, go for any color you want.
  • {Feather duster} I ordered a gray feather duster ($9.87) to go with my gray bunny ears. But again, any color works if you already have a duster at home.
  • {Fuzzy outfit} I did a white fuzzy dress ($32) with gray booties I already had in my closet. Depending on the weather where you live and the type of party you’re going to, you can really do any fuzzy outfit. For a more casual Halloween party, a white fuzzy sweater and jeans works. Or if you want to dress up at the office, wear a white fuzzy cardigan over a dress or work pants. If it’s super cold on Halloween, simply wear on a white, gray or tan faux fur coat over any outfit!

social butterfly

I was inspired by Pinterest with my social butterfly costume. I saw a couple of cute group costumes where girls wore butterfly wings with big print outs of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter icons on their t-shirts. I didn’t have a group to create the costume with so I came up with a little more fashion forward version. Here is what you need:

  • {Butterfly wings} You’d be surprised how hard it is to find butterfly wings for adults online! After searching for way too long and seeing kids butterfly wings over and over, I finally found a pair of adult butterfly wings ($14.99). I like that the straps are adjustable so you can have them hang perfectly over your shoulders. Be forewarned though: the glitter does get everywhere!
  • {Butterfly headband} To create a social butterfly headband, I started with a butterfly fascinator ($10.99). Then I printed out duplicates of my favorite social icons I found online. I cut out the circles and taped them on to the butterflies of the headband. I then glued the matching duplicate in back so you could see the icons from both sides. The last step is totally optional. I’m just a bit of a perfectionist.
  • {Black outfit} I like an all black outfit with this look to really let the colors of the butterfly accessories pop. You can do any little black dress you already have in your closet or even black jeans and a sweater if you want to be more casual. I chose a little black dress with lace sleeves because I thought the unique shoulders added to the butterfly effect. Then I just paired it with black pumps.

devil in a blue dress

The last easy Halloween costume idea was borrowed from my friend Jamie of Honestly Jamie. Years ago, we attended a last minute Halloween party and she showed up in a blue dress with devil horns. She was a devil in a blue dress and I thought it was so genius! Plus, it’s so simple to create. All you need is:

  • {Devil horns} I thought these sparkly devil horns ($9.48) were so cute. But you can use any devil horns from your local Halloween store if you don’t want to order online.
  • {Blue dress} If you already have a blue dress in your closet then this costume is crazy simple! If you don’t, I rounded up some below. I went with a slinky blue dress ($54.30) but you can do any style you think you’ll wear throughout the year.

I hope you enjoyed these easy Halloween costume ideas! If you end up doing any, I’d love to see! Just tag me @sydnesumer on Instagram and I’ll repost on my stories. And for more costume ideas check out all my Halloween costumes of the past!

Sydne Style shows how to dress like a social butterfly for halloween

Sydne Style shows easy halloween costume ideas as dust bunny



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  1. Nina Simon commented:

    Haha! The social butterfly one is so creative!

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    Sexyyyyy mamamamam!! lol I love Halloween!

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  3. Emma commented:

    Great ideas! Thank you as always. I think some contact lenses could be suitable for you to complete your costumes, as in this store I think this could improve your image

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  4. Ada commented:

    Thanks for your advice. All my DIY projects last time were not the best, so now I use the site where I find the right costume a couple of days before the holiday

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