December 30, 2019

Celebrate 2020 With New Year, New You Giveaways

Sydne Style wears tadashi sequin gown with cape for new years eve

I’m so excited to bring back my annual New Year, New You Giveaways! This giveaway series has always been my little way of saying thank you for all your constant support! Since it’s a new decade (I still can’t get over that!) I’m making these 2020 giveaways bigger and better than ever…

Beginning January 1, there will be 10 days of giveaways!

Every day I’m giving one lucky winner the chance to win a $100 e-gift card to her retailer of choice and I’ll also be donating a $100 to the winner’s favorite registered charity. To me, there’s nothing better than feeling good and doing good. So this way, we can do both! Here are all the deets:

New Year, New You Giveaways

When are the giveaways?

  • The giveaway series is January 1 – January 10
  • The giveaways begin at 7pm PST daily and are only open for 48 hours.  So make sure to check back every night!

Need a reminder about the giveaways? Here are two ways:

  1. Subscribe to my newsletter 
  2. Turn on Instagram post notifications to follow @sydnesummer for reminders when the giveaways go live (here’s how).

How do you enter the giveaways?


  • Follow @sydnesummer on Instagram
  • Like each giveaway photo on Instagram
  • Tag your friends in the comments of each Instagram post (max 25 entries per person daily)

{Additional entries}

  • Head over to the blog and share a comment about what type of content you want to see in the New Year (make sure to leave your Instagram handle!)
  • Share the Instagram posts on Insta Stories


  • $100 e-gift card to your retailer of choice
  • $100 donation from me to your registered charity of choice


  • I’ll announce each winner on my Insta Stories daily
  • I’ll also share the winner’s charity of choice so we can all learn about more ways to do good in the New Year

In addition to the giveaways each day, I’ll be sharing my 2020 intentions. Last year I stopped making New Year’s resolutions and instead set intentions for the year. I found it to be really helpful so this year I thought I’d share my intentions with you, along with some of my favorite quotes that keep me inspired. I really want to connect more with you this year so I figured this would be a great way to kick things off. I’d love hear your fave quotes and intentions, too!

Sydne Style shows pretty sequin dresses with capes for evening gown ideas from tadashi

Good luck and Happy New Year!


Sydne Style wears tadashi shoji sequin gown for new years dresses

Sydne Style wears sequin gown with cape for new years eve dresses

PHOTOS BY MUNOPIA · Glam by Ian Maxion · Dress: Tadashi Shoji · Earrings: J.Crew


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  1. Sandy Weinstein commented:

    @eviw1 i would like to see health, beauty, skin care, what helps with aging skin.

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  2. Erika W. commented:

    Yay! Love that you’re giving to the winner’s charity of choice! I always love to see travel and food posts! My handle is (at)pinkandgreenmom

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  3. Lschock commented:

    Oh, that dress is the most beautiful color! New Year’s is my favorite holiday, because I love glitz, glamour, and glitter! Your photos are wonderful, and I enjoy your use of intentions and not goals. I also do not set goals for new year’s, but I maintain my ideals to be positive and a lifelong learner. I am hoping to be entered in your giveaways even though I do not use Instagram. If you are willing, please enter me, thanks!

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  4. Danielle commented:

    Love your beauty posts 🥰. More please. IG: Daniellepelton

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  5. Stefana commented:

    I would like to see more sky care and how we can make photos as stunning as yours.

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  6. alicewilson commented:

    So, I checked out that blog post over and man, it’s lit! The author’s all hyped up about those giveaways for 2020, and I’m feeling that energy. The deets about the prizes are laid out so clear, like no confusion, you know? Hey, you might want to check out this blog I came across: It’s all about relationships, dating, and understanding human behavior. They’ve got some cool insights and perspectives that could be right up your alley, especially if you’re into exploring the complexities of relationships.

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