December 29, 2019

19 Faves of 2019

Sydne Style wears black and white maxi dress for best summer fashion trends

At the end of every year, I like to take a look back and review all the moments. I start this by scrolling through my Instagram feed. It’s a nice way of doing a year in review because Instagram is a highlights reel. So when you scroll back, you see all the good memories of the year.

2019 had both good and bad memories for me. I kicked off the year with extensive travel all over the world. I’m grateful for every single experience but as a result I was left utterly drained. I tried different tactics to recharge and was feeling incredible… until my accident during fall fashion week. Since then, I’ve had to work on slowing down, which although frustrating at times, has taught me many lessons that I plan on taking into the New Year. That brings me to my 19 faves of 2019:

#1 Fave lesson

The best lesson I learned in 2019 was to listen to your body. Even though I eat fairly healthy and work out a decent amount, I’ve never done a good job about listening to my body’s needs. I over-schedule myself, I work non stop and I forget about the whole “me time” thing. Well, that is until the universe forced me take a significant amount of “me time.” I’ve been learning to listen to my body and rest when I need to. I’ve been learning to schedule in down time so I don’t burn out. And I’ve been learning to strive for balance in my life… which is something I really want to continue to work on in the New Year.

# 2 Fave Outfit

This was a hard one to choose but my favorite outfit of 2019 was the silk slip dress and trench coat I wore at New York fashion week. I felt confident and sexy in the outfit and loved the way the material felt against my skin. Now if only I was able to keep the tan I had at the time!

#3  fave fashion trend

My favorite fashion trend of 2019 is more of a classic then an actual trend: suiting. The style just happened to gain more popularity over the year. I wore so many variations of the suit this year. I lived in this white suit when I traveled to Europe. I styled a more summer friendly fabric and a shorts suit multiple ways on my IGTV channel. And I played with color in a green pant suit. Suiting is definitely a fashion trend I plan on wearing more of in the upcoming year!

#4 fave jewelry trend

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but 2019 was the year of pearls. I’ve been wearing different pearl earrings all year and even just ordered another pair to wear in the New Year! I also played with pearl hair barrettes, pearl headbands and pearl bags this year.

#7 fave new Instagram feature

Hands-down my favorite new feature of 2019 was my Styling with Sydne series on IGTV. When I started my blog ages ago, I did a weekly Staples Series. I showed how to wear one piece three ways to help inspire you to think outside the box with your wardrobe. I missed those days and finally figured how to bring them back in a fresh way. Filming styling sessions with you on my iPhone lets me focus on the clothing and not worry about the more timely editing. I can’t wait to do more in the New Year!

#5 fave lipstick

In the beginning of the year, MAC “Lady Danger” continued to be my go-to red lipstick. Later in the year, I discovered NARS “Jungle Red.” I now rotate between the two anytime I want to add a pop of color. You can read about all my fave beauty products of the year on my Beauty Reviews Page!

#6 fave beauty find

I get cystic acne every few months so I was thrilled to discover acne stickers this year. They quite literally saved my face! Despite always regretting it, I’d pick and pick my cystic acne until it turned into a wound. Since I found the stickers, I apply them daily and after five days or so my breakout is almost gone.

#8 fave functional fashion find

Another lifesaver I discovered in 2019? Heattech! I stocked up on long-sleeve tees and leggings before a ski trip in the beginning of the year, and then wore the tops under basically everything at fashion week. I’m always cold so I appreciate this invention so much! I most recently wore the long-sleeve tops when I was in Big Bear.

# 9 fave dress

This was another hard one to choose, but my favorite dress was this Tadashi white lace dress. I first wore it at fashion week with a winter coat and boots. And then wore it with sandals to the opera in Vienna, which was a truly magical experience. The lace just makes me feel like a princess every time I put it on.

#10 fave new experience

It was so cool getting to be in my best friend Jessica Lowndes’ movie this year. It was also a total surprise. Jessica wrote and starred in Over in the Moon in Love. I was with her while she wrote parts of the script so I was thrilled to get to visit her on set in Vancouver. After booking my flight, she told me I was going to be a featured extra in the movie! I had such a blast filming and I could not be more proud of her.

#11 fave video

My favorite video I shot this year was 14 Ways to Look More Expensive over on my YouTube channel. I love providing easy tips for you so I shared all the style tricks I use to look more luxe without spending much money.

#12 fave shoot

Even though I’ve been to Paris many times, I had never take a good photo at the Eiffel Tower. So it was really special to get to shoot with my fave Paris photographer at the landmark. She knew the best spot to take Eiffel Tower photos and my mom even came along, which made it more fun.

#13 fave trip

Speaking of Paris, that was my definitely my favorite trip of 2019. It’s my favorite city in the world and every time I go, I come back feeling so inspired. I even thought about moving there for a few months when I got home, but I had to put that on hold for the time being. You never though, it might happen in 2020!

Even though Paris is my favorite city, one of my favorite moments of the trip is when we went to Austria. My grandmother grew up in Vienna but had to leave before the Nazis invaded in World War II. My mom did a ton of research and was able to find the exact apartment my grandmother grew up in and spoke so fondly of. My grandmother passed away a few years ago so it was so incredibly special to get to spend time walking around her neighborhood with my mom on what just happened to be Mother’s Day weekend!

#14 fave weekend

My fave weekend was my spontaneous trip to Cabo with Jessica. She literally texted me the day before and said we should go to Mexico. So we did, and we had such a blast! We stayed at our favorite hotel, swam in the ocean, went on boats and laughed over many margaritas. Jess, if you’re reading this we better do it again in 2020!

#15 fave new blog feature

My fave new blog feature is actually something I just recently launched: book reviews! I read so much in 2019 so I asked my web designer to create a space on the blog where I could share my favorite books. I’ve put a few up already and plan to get more up weekly in 2020.

#16 fave DIY

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love doing DIY costumes and my favorite DIY project this year turned out to be simple! I created a social butterfly costumes for 3 easy costume ideas. I also loved seeing that some of my #ssInstaFam babes beautifully recreated the look for Halloween.

#17 fave celeb moment

When I graduated college, my first job was all about celebrities. I can’t even count the number of celebrities I interviewed and talked to over the years. So as time went by, I became less and less starstruck. But there are certainly celebrities who still make me giddy. This year it was Reese Witherspoon. I met Reese briefly at an award show I was covering a few years ago. This year I got to chat with her at an Elizabeth Arden event. She is honestly the sweetest celebrity I’ve ever met with her infectious smile and bubbly personality.

Sydne Style shows outfit ideas from #ssInstaFam

#18 fave ways you wore it

Whether you were inspired by my videos or my outfit posts, I got so excited seeing you tag @sydnesummer #ssInstaFam on Instagram to show me your outfits! It makes my day to know that my fashion influences your daily looks. I wish I could share all the fabulous posts you ladies did this year but here are some standouts from my #ssInstaFam babes: @dayissenseofstyle rocking the pink and red combo, @claire_frimming making the leather leggings trend oh so classy, @barefootinla and @sassyteacherchic rocking the animal prints trend, @jeans.n.stilettos looking gorgeous in neutrals, @glam_karen looking so cute in the boho trend, @themelissalifestyle_ being the epitome of spring in off-the-shoulder ruffles and @panot711 adding my fave color in the graphic tee trend.

I can’t wait to see your 2020 outfits ladies! Keep tagging @sydnesummer #ssInstaFam so I can repost any outfits that were inspired by my looks over on my Insta Stories!

Sydne Style shows fashion bloggers at spring garden party in pretty floral outfits

#19 fave quote

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it.
It just blooms.”
— Zen Shin

I love sharing quotes with you every morning on Insta Stories. My favorite quote this year is about something I worked on all year: not comparing myself to others. In the world we live it today, where everything is on display, it is hard to avoid comparison. But I’ve realized nothing good ever comes of it. So I really worked on this all year. I’m so thankful to my beautiful friends for sharing this journey with me as we lift each other up instead of competing with one another.

And I’m so thankful to you for joining me every day of 2019! I couldn’t do what I love for a living without you so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you have the most incredible New Year and I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for all of us! xo


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