August 10, 2019

Cabo Girls Trip – My Itinerary & What to Pack

Sydne Style and Jessica Lowndes wear neutral coverups in cabo san lucas mexico

In the past few years, Cabo, Mexico has become my go-to getaway. It’s such a short flight from Los Angeles and always has incredible weather. The other weekend, my best friend, Jessica Lowndes, called me asking if I wanted to Cabo. My answer was obviously yes! We booked a flight for the next morning and had four days filled with sunshine and laughter.

We basically did the same itinerary as our Cabo girls trip last summer. You can read all my recs in this Cabo vacation post. But here are a few more highlights…

food & drinks

We stayed at The Cape again. It’s my favorite Cabo San Lucas boutique hotel. We mostly ate at the hotel. I could probably eat their fish tacos every day (we ask to have them grilled instead of fried). Their sushi is also incredible. And their skinny margaritas are the best in Mexico.

best lighting

Since it was my third time staying at The Cape, I got my lighting down for photos. The three best spots to take pictures are: 1) The balcony of your room. The way the light bounces off the ocean acts like a photo filter! 2) The bathrooms downstairs at the beach. I know it sounds weird to take photos in a bathroom but the lighting is just perfect and I love a good tile wall. 3) The lobby. They have all different color chairs and couches. And the light bounces beautifully on your face.

Whether you’re staying at The Cape or not, I recommend taking photos in the morning. The lighting is much better (midday is too hot and harsh). Plus, I prefer to get my photos out of the way so I an enjoy the rest of my day.


At the hotel, our favorite activities were yoga on the roof and beachside massages (I highly recommend getting one at sunset!). Off the property, it was all about boats. It’s not too expensive to rent a boat in Cabo. You can rent a small one to sight-see snorkel by The Office. They’re nothing fancy but I’m in the water most of the time so I don’t mind. We also did a sunset cruise with our friends, which was basically a fun dance party on the water. My favorite, though, is definitely the smaller private boats since it gives you the freedom to do and see whatever you want around The Arch of Cabo San Lucas (I kept asking to drive by the cute sleeping sea lion!).

Sydne Style shows what to wear in cabo san lucas mexico in hale bob floral skirt

What We Wore

Sydne Style and Jessica Lowndes stay at cape hotel in cabo san lucas mexico

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into our Cabo girls trip!

You can check out videos from our vacay over on my Cabo highlight on Instagram!

Sydne Style wears johnny was silk scarf as a top for beach coverups

Sydne Style shares best cabo hotels with jessica lowndes

Head over to my Travel page for more vacation ideas!

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