January 13, 2020

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now // No. 8

Sydne Style shows how to make a vision board by setting intentions

Now that the New Year, New You giveaways are over, it’s back to regular programming. I haven’t done one of my love lists in a while. And there are so many things I’ve been obsessed with these past few weeks! It was hard to narrow down, but lucky I have lots of weeks in 2020 to share all my finds with you. So here, in no particular order, are just five of my faves…


#1: creating a vision

Last week, my friends came over for a vision board party. I like to kick off each year creating a vision board. I cut out images that speak to me with feelings I want to manifest for the year. Then I glue them on a board so I can see them all year long.

Here is the vision board I came up with. All the images speak to my feelings on love, success, friendship, family and happiness.

Read my tips on how to create a vision board

#2: binge-worthy TV

I stayed on my couch an entire day over the holidays hooked to the TV as I devoured the second season of You. If you haven’t seen the first season I highly recommend a Netflix and chill weekend. Because it is so good! The series is about a young man, played by Penn Badgley, who turns into a stalker as he falls in love with women. While he’s incredibly messed up in the head, you can’t help but fall in love with him in his twisted ways.

You, Netflix

#3: even skin

I recently got an IPL treatment to correct my sunspots. But it left my cheeks red for a week as it also targeted my broken capillaries. When I get a small red spot, I use my green concealer. But since so much of my face was red, I used Erborian CC Red Correct.

The cream, which also contains SPF25, comes out a light green shade, which slowly adjusts to your skin tone as you blend it in (I use my beauty blender for smooth blending). It instantly makes the redness fade. I use it both on its own and under my tinted moisturizer.

Erborian CC Red Correct, ($44)

#4: book club

I found Such a Fun Age through Reese Witherspoon’s book club. It’s a story of a 20-something girl who has a life-altering night when she’s accused of kidnapping the baby she’s babysitting. The story of race, love and deception is told through her account and the woman who hired her.

Such a Fun Age, $15.77

See more book reviews here!

#5: dairy-free “queso”

A couple of years ago, I heavily reduced dairy from my diet. I was getting sinus infections all the time and eating less dairy has majorly helped. While I indulge in a cheese plate now and then, I mostly go for dairy free alternatives.

I picked up this cashew fiesta dip on a whim at Trader Joe’s and now I’m hooked! It’s the best vegan alternative to queso I’ve found. When you heat it up, it’s so creamy that you almost forget there is zero cheese in the ingredients!

Trader Joe’s cashew fiesta dip, $3.49






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