January 10, 2020

Finding Balance in Life

Sydne Style wears elliat high low dress for beach dress ideas

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May I strive for balance

Balance is my key word for 2020. This year, and this decade, I really want to work on living a balanced life: balancing my career with my personal life, balancing being non stop with taking time to rest, balancing being surrounded by others with finding peace in solitude… the list for balance is endless.

Sydne Style wears floral off the shoulder dress for boho wedding style

I tried to think about areas in my life where I currently find balance. I realized I do a really good job with a balanced diet. For the most part I eat fairly healthy. But I allow myself to indulge now and then in nachos, an entire cheese plate or a serving of pasta that is meant for a family of four. And you know what? I don’t feel bad about it.

So maybe I need to treat the year more like what I feed my body. Some days you eat a salad and hit the gym and some days you order a pizza and Netflix and chill. It’s really all about finding balance in life.

Sydne Style wears off the shoulder floral dress at the beach

Life is about balance.
Be kind, but don’t let people abuse you.
Trust, but don’t be deceived.
Be content, but never stop improving yourself.
—Zig Ziglar

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my journey to setting my 2020 intentions. And I hope it was helpful for you as well! Thank you for all your support over the past decade and I can’t wait to celebrate this new chapter with you! And congrats to all the winners of the #ssNewYearNewYou giveaways! I loved getting to treat my #ssInstaFam while giving back to charity (because it’s all about balance, right?!). If you’re curious to learn more about the charities, I put them all on my 2020 Giveaways Highlights Reel over on Instagram, along with behind the scenes of all the fashion shoots. Happy 2020 my loves!

Sydne Style shows pretty beach dresses under cave at sunset

PHOTOS BY MUNOPIA · GLAM BY IAN MAXION · DRESS: Elliatt · Headband: Lovers + Friends · Earrings: J. Crew

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  1. Kim H commented:

    Helping us all find balance would be amazing. It is hard work sometimes!

    Published 1.10.20 Reply
    • Kudzi Chitima commented:

      You’re amazing! And I’d love to see more of you styling for specific event (e.g. dates, dinners, parties, etc)

      IG: @kudz_skai

      Published 1.11.20 Reply
  2. Luna N. commented:

    Dresses!! You look lovely in this 💜💜💜
    IG: 7luna0613

    Published 1.10.20 Reply
  3. Chantessa Reynosa commented:

    Would like more content on easy hair ideas for moms like myself it’s such a daily battle. IG name :Fabmommyof3crv

    Published 1.11.20 Reply
  4. Sandy Weinstein commented:

    @eview1 i would be a little nervous modeling with the ocean beneath me, hope you have sure footing. another beautiful photo shoot, dress and another amazing pic of you in the flowing gown that blends with the blue ocean. i would like help choosing anti aging products that work, cosmetic skincare and procedures that help with anti aging of the face and body. in addition health solutions to help with aging.

    Published 1.11.20 Reply
  5. Dorthy Stephens commented:

    I would like to see more of the same in 2020.
    Very inspirational!!

    Published 1.11.20 Reply
  6. Monica Stewart commented:

    This has got to be one of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever seen! It’s like a breath of fresh air! I would love to see more of these types of dresses and maybe some more home decor ideas. Thank you for your amazing giveaway! My Instagram handle is @monicazite 🤗✨

    Published 1.11.20 Reply
  7. Anne commented:

    Such a beautiful dress sweety

    Published 1.11.20 Reply
  8. Mary Soliz commented:

    You have such an incredible sense of style that is inspiring! I would love to see more styling tips and suggestions for those of us that do not have your sense of style, but a desire to have more style in our lives! IG: @MariMiSoMilw

    Published 1.11.20 Reply
  9. Cynthia Richardson commented:

    I’d like to see some fun, but professional, work outfits.

    Published 1.11.20 Reply
  10. Cynthia Stacey commented:

    I love the Finding Balance advertisement!!! The dress is beautiful – light and springish!! I would love to see more spring styles!!! Thank you! Instagram @sweetpea5911

    Published 1.11.20 Reply
  11. Shelley commented:

    I would love to see more home decor posts! So fun seeing how people choose to decorate!
    IG: @shelleytibbetts

    Published 1.12.20 Reply
  12. Renee Travis commented:

    I love seeing that you donate to to different charities! I’d love to see more ago I all the ones you’ve donated to! @Renee.p.t67

    Published 1.12.20 Reply
  13. Miranda Stone commented:

    Balance is what I aspire to in all spheres of my life. But the most important thing for me is to balance my diet – now I eat too many carbs (and too many sugars).
    I think that balance is the key word for life, not only for 2020. Thank you for your inspiration!

    Published 10.7.20 Reply
  14. Joseph commented:

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    Published 2.15.21 Reply
  15. Ingera commented:

    Finding balance is one the most important thing to do

    Published 2.9.23 Reply
  16. Inola Hughes commented:

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