March 6, 2020

Celebrate National Dress Day With These Sales!

Sydne Style wears hutch wrap dress for black and white summer maxi dresses

Happy National Dress Day! I personally love national holidays. They’re a fun way to celebrate the small things in life. National Dress Day was created to bring back memories from times we wore a dress that made us feel incredible. I have so many fond memories wearing dresses. One of my favorites was wearing this black and white maxi dress in Miami. I stayed at a resort that shared a golf course with the condo I grew up in. I don’t remember living there, since I was only there until the age of three. But something about twirling in the green made me feel so close to my family and nostalgic about my wonderful childhood in Florida.

In honor of National Dress Day, I rounded up so gorgeous dresses I’m loving that are a part of all the sales happening right now. Seriously there are so many! It’s a great time to shop for dresses, and any other spring wardrobe essentials you might need:

Here are some dresses I’m eyeing from all the great sales:

SHOPBOP dresses: Up to 25% off with code SPRING

ANN TAylor dresses: 40% off with code FRIENDS40

Macy’s dresses: 25% off with code PREVIEW

BANANA REPUBLIC DRESSES: Up to 40% off (no coded needed)


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