March 3, 2020

Shimmering Spring Makeup with Mary Kay

Sydne Style reviews Mary Kay spring collection with bronzer and lipsticks

Spring is a time of renewal. As we approach the new season, I start to refresh my makeup with products to create soft, shimmering looks. Mary Kay’s latest launches have everything I need. With their pigmented eyeshadows, moisturizing lipsticks and illuminating bronzers, I created this Mary Kay spring makeup look that can take me all the way into summer. What I love the most about it is it’s neutral enough to go with any spring color option I have in my wardrobe. But the metallics give it a soft pop of shine. Here are details on everything I used:


The new Mary Kay Liquid Eye Shadow ($14) makes getting a shimmering eye so simple! The applicator makes it super easy to glide on. And you can control how pigmented you want your look to be by blending. For my lids, I used “Pink Starlight” for a rose gold base. I applied two coats with the applicator. Then I used “Light Beam” on the inner corner of my eyes and just below the brow, and blended out with my fingers for a subtle highlight.

Once the liquid eye shadow dried, I added a cat eye using the new Mary Kay Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen ($16). I prefer a thinner cat eye, so I need a super sharp eyeliner. This pen did just the trick. I was so impressed how it didn’t even smudge over my shimmering lids!


To continue the soft beauty look, I went with “Blush Velvet,” one of the new shades from the Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick collection ($18). They are not kidding when they say the color lasts for hours. I applied it before I left the house and drove over two hours to these almond orchards, sipping both a latte and a sparkling water on the way. I didn’t even have to re-apply before we took these photos!


I don’t usually use too much bronzer. But I’m also not usually this pale. I cannot wait for some sunshine! Till then, I’m happy I’m able to fake that sun-kissed glow with the Limited-Edition Mary Kay Illuminating Bronzers ($18). I swiped “Copper Glow” from my cheeks to my temples to add warmth to my face. I carried my bronzers in the Limited-Edition Beauty Unearthed Mary Kay Perfect Palette ($18). The warm, vibrant colors made me crave a beach trip even more!

Sydne Style wears ivory lace dress in almond orchards for spring beauty ideas

I hope you liked this look into my new spring beauty! I shared the whole process on Insta Stories and saved it to my “Beauty” highlights if you want a tutorial. And there is more beauty coming your way this week on Instagram, too! I’m headed to Dallas to visit Mary Kay headquarters and could not be more excited to see how the beauty magic happens. I can’t wait to take you along with me!

Sydne Style shows spring beauty ideas for almond eye shapes

On a side note, there were so many bees when we shot these photos in the almond orchards. My photographer, Mun, kept squealing as the bees flew near her. I actually don’t mind bees β€” although, it was a little nerve racking when they were so close to my eyes! But as I was surrounded with bees wearing Mary Kay makeup, I thought of an inspirational quote the founder gave during one her seminars. So I just wanted to share as a reminder that you can do anything you put your mind up to…


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  1. Olivia commented:

    Great idea, I love this light, shimmering makeup, it’s what you need for spring/summer. For more complex makeup, like yours, I will need to buy cosmetics. I usually order everything on the Nordstrom Rack website and use a discount coupon: at the same time. I also like it when the eyebrows are simply drawn, the eyes are easily made up with mascara, and you can see the light flickering of the highlighter. This is the basic idea, the simplest, but also the most weightless.

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