June 21, 2020

These Bike Shorts Work for Curves!

Sydne Style reviews the best bike shorts online in ivl collective

To be honest, I did not like it when the bike shorts trend made a comeback. Any time I tried them, they would cut into my skin, creating a sausage-like effect that was anything but cute. That is, until I tried on these black bike shorts from IVL Collective.

They have a super stretchy waistband that doesn’t dig into my midsection. And the fabric is so soft with just the right amount of stretch to prevent sausage thighs. I never thought I would say this, but I am officially a bike shorts convert.

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I paired my black bike shorts and black sports bra with a peach lightweight jacket. It’s usually cool in the morning when I walk Jack Jack so it’s nice to have something to throw on that I can tie around my waist when the sun gets stronger. I wore it with my Ikat face mask from my collab with Sunday Ritual. And I can’t wait to wear it with my new pastel tie dye face mask, coming out soon! You can sign up here to get a notification for when my new face mask collection launches.

I wish I could say I’ve been wearing my bike shorts on daily runs. But ever since the safer at home order went into effect, I haven’t been the best at working out. I do daily walks and neighborhood hikes with Jack Jack. But other than that mostly just do my physical therapy exercises once a week.

I can’t wait until studios open up again in LA. I finally was able to do a Pilates class right before the lockdown and I miss it! You can read more about my fitness journey here.

Sydne Style shows the best bike shorts for curves in ivl collective black shorts
Sydne Style reviews the best bike shorts for curves in ivl collective
Sydne Style wears ivl collective black bike short for summer workout outfits

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  1. Tracy commented:

    I have been looking for a pair of flattering biker shorts! I’ll have to try these out!


    Published 6.20.20 Reply
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  3. Elisa commented:

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    Published 2.21.22 Reply
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