June 10, 2020

Summer Trend to Try: Sunglasses Chain

Sydne Style wears the sunglasses chains trend in pearl chain and feroce white sunglasses

Everything ’90s is new again. Having grown up in the decade, I feel like any time I see a “new” trend it reminds me of my childhood. One ’90s accessory trend that has made a major comeback is sunglasses chains. I don’t remember wearing them as a kid but I certainly remember my mother wearing them when I was younger.

I’m actually thrilled this ’90s trend has made a comeback. It’s chic and functional. Let’s start with function: with sunglasses chains you always have your sunnies at easy access. I usually put my sunglasses on my shirt when I’m not wearing them. But sometimes it tugs at my shirt. So I like being able to wear them around neck.

And on to fashion: sunglasses chains double as jewelry! When you have your sunnies on you don’t need statement earrings with pearl or crystals dripping along your face. Luckily they’re not a fortune either. I rounded up chic sunglasses chain options under $50 below…

Shop Sunglasses Chains UNDER $50

I paired my pearl sunglasses chain with white sunnies. The cat eye shape has such a retro vibe so I thought back to some of my favorite old black and white fashion photographs and did a black and white summer look. This black jumpsuit is super lighteweight and I love the stitched details at the neckline. I’ve worn it before with all black but I liked how the all white accessories gave it more a ’50s vibe. I guess I really have been inspired by past decades!

Sydne Style shows summer outfit ideas in black linen jumpsuit and white sunglasses

Sydne Style shows black and white outfit ideas for summer in jumpsuit
Sydne Style shows easy summer outfit ideas in ann taylor black jumpsuit


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