July 10, 2020

White Eyelet Tops for Summer

Sydne Style shows all white summer outfits in flower fields

I’ve always loved white eyelet for summer. It’s a classic that will never go out of style. Case in point? When I graduated high school, I wore a white top with a white eyelet skirt to my graduation ceremony. Decades later, I’m still wearing white eyelet.

Most most recent white eyelet addition to my closet is this eyelet button-down top (now on sale!). I picked it up the day before my mom and I did a Mother’s Day photo shoot at the flower field before the quarantine began. Man, doesn’t that feel like an entire lifetime ago?! She has had her white eyelet top for years and I wanted something to match. We both paired our white eyelet tops with white jeans and smiled amongst the blooming flowers.

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My most recent trip to San Diego the other weekend was quite different than these blooming times. We mostly stayed home and the only time I did go out was to pick up food (lots and lots of food). And I wore a Sydne Summer face mask each time. I would have thought that places would be open by now. But it saddens me that in Souther California businesses have had to close again from the surge. It is my hope that everyone can just join together and wear a mask to keep everyone safe.

I saw a sign the other day on my walk with Jack Jack that said “Wear a mask. It saves lives. Maybe not yours, but maybe your mom’s.” To be honest, I’m not personally scared of getting Covid. I’m very healthy and although I don’t know what would happen, I think that because of my age I would just be sick. But I wear a mask for others. I don’t want my mom or anyone else to be in the hospital fighting for their life.. So if you’re not going to wear a mask for yourself, join me and wear it for your mama!

Sydne Style shows how to wear all white for summer outfit ideas in white eyelet tops and white jeans
Sydne Style shows white jeans outfit ideas in flower fields


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  1. François-Xavier commented:

    Nice pictures of a pretty young lady with her very good looking mother. It reminds me the commercial of the French brand ‘comptoir des cotonniers’ that were showing mother/daughter looks with actual and sometime famous mother/daughter models.

    Can’t wait for the coming fall/winter/spring ones…. and one day with your own daughter.

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  2. Elisabeth commented:

    Tops and t-shirts are the most convenient and comfortable option for summer. Pick up under it the same airy, light bottom and perfect look is ready. I bought myself various funny t-shirts here I combine them under light linen skirts and shorts, it turns out a great image, and most importantly-high-quality and light clothing for a hot summer

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