July 9, 2020

Where to Find Fashion Inspiration

Sydne Style wears tadashi shoji stripe gown for best evening gowns and dresses

People constantly ask me where I find my fashion inspiration. My answer? Everywhere. It’s true: I’m inspired by everything. Before the pandemic, my travels would inspire me. I’d study different cultures all around the world and get inspired by how people would dress. Museums inspire me. I’ve often referenced paintings and art in my blog posts. And nature inspires me, from the calming blues of the ocean to the neutrals of the soft sand to the vibrant flowers I see on my walks with Jack Jack.

Since I’ve mostly been home, I’ve been turning to two things for my fashion inspiration: magazines and fashion books. Of course, I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing everyone’s outfits and creative edits. And I upload new inspo to my Pinterest every day. But there is something so relaxing about the nostalgic feeling of having paper in my hands….


When I was younger, I wanted to be a fashion editor at a big glossy magazine. Obviously the universe had different plans for me. But I still love magazines and subscribe to so many. I’ll spend hours on my balcony, flipping through my favorite magazines, tearing out images that speak to me. Sometimes the image is about the outfit. Other times it’s about the model’s pose or a beautiful destination.

Later in the day, I’ll Google the images and find them online and pin them to my Sydne Style Inspo board on Pinterest. I usually reference the board when I’m planning shoots with my photographer, Mun. Other people’s creativity always gets my own creative juices flowing.

I especially loved this “Beauty Without Borders” issue of Vogue. For the April 2020 Vogue cover, the magazine celebrated global fashion. They brought together models from around the world to showcase the latest denim trends. 30 models were asked to share their voices, each with a different perspective on what beauty means to them. It was beautiful. You can read everyone’s story in Vogue’s digital edition.

fashion books

I also have a ton of coffee table books that I continually reference. I especially love re-visiting photos of the past, like glamorous images of Old Hollywood movie stars or retro campaigns produced by my favorite fashion designers.

Shop my fave fashion coffee table books

These images were actually inspired by my home! I’ve spent so many days staring out my balcony, watching my white drapes blow in the wind. It’s peaceful and beautiful but strong at the same time. The clean lines and draping reminded me of this Tadashi Shoji evening gown. So I threw on my dress with nowhere to go and worked my best Vogue poses as my drapes blew over me.

Sydne Style shows best summer evening dresses in white tadashi shoji gown


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    Stunning!!! Beautiful photos Syd!!!

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      Thank you Melody!

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