August 13, 2020

Instagram Reels Outfits – Inside Out

In my Inside Out series on Instagram Reels, I’m showing how to take an outfit you wear inside and make it cute enough to wear outside. Since most of are spending the majority of our time at home right now, comfort is key. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. I just use a few pieces to my working from home looks from my couch to the outside world whenever I step out to run errands or meet a friend for a social distancing date. And, of course, I always were a face mask. I hope you like this series of Instagram Reels outfits! I’ll update this page every time I post a new outfit video. Stay safe!

Also, I got a few questions on the home decor that’s behind me when I film my Inside Out series. So in case you’re wondering here’s the info:

Table: high fashion home I Candle: Diptyque I Books: Chanel , paris: through a fashion eye, the little dictionary of fashion I ruG: West elm I coaster: Anthropologie

{11/21 – lounge dress}

{11/21 – lounge dress}

{11/21 – lounge dress}


{11/21 – lounge dress}


{11/19 – lounge Cardigan & tank}


{11/19 – lounge Cardigan & tank}


{11/19 – lounge Cardigan & tank}


{11/19 – lounge Cardigan & tank}

{11/12 – lounge set}



{10/8 – Leggings & Cami}



{10/5 – off the shoulder top}



{9/30 – lounge set}



    {9/28 – lounge top}


    {9/25 – lounge set}


    {9/14 – t-shirt & Leggings}


    {9/9 – graphic sweatshirt}


    {9/8 – Short sleeve sweatshirt & joggers}


    {8/27 – denim shorts & a Tee}


    {8/25 – comfy sleeveless jumpsuit}

    {8/14 – comfy maxi dress}


    {8/11 – bike shorts & a tee}


    {8/7 – Sweats & a tee}


    {8/6 – Black T-shirt Dress}


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    1. Gina Checchia commented:

      Soo cute! I love this idea, thanks for sharing the inspo! (:

      Gina Checchia

      Published 8.16.20 Reply
      • Sydne commented:

        So glad you like it!

        Published 8.23.20 Reply
    2. Robbin commented:

      The black T-Shirt dress was amazing.!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

      Published 8.16.20 Reply
      • Sydne commented:

        Thanks Robin! Glad you liked it!

        Published 8.23.20 Reply
    3. Vanessa Wood commented:

      I just love watching your IG reels, and seeing how your doggie looks up at you with those eyes that say, “Nice outfit, mom!” And these are great outfit inspiration for Fall, and year-round.

      Published 10.3.20 Reply
    4. Ada commented:

      Thanks for your advice. I love the trend for fashion accounts. If you need to pay attention to the clothing, style or accessory, and not to the model, then the head is cut off or the face is covered in the photo. For example, your phone, your hand, or your hair. I also read a lot of useful things here

      Published 9.25.21 Reply

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