October 19, 2020

Vote Tshirts to Rock the Vote

Sydne Style shows how to wear a graphic tee for fall with jeans and cardigan

Have you voted yet? I dropped of my ballot at West Hollywood City Hall last week. After voting, I put my “I Voted” sticker on Jack Jack to spread the word. My friend text me and said California really needs better stickers. Look at Ohio’s! I have to agree. So instead of wearing my vote sticker (I’ll leave that to JJ), I’ve been sporting vote merch. Vote tshirts help remind others to vote while still letting you look cute.

I paired my Vote tee with high waist jeans, a long cardi, white booties and a Sydne Summer face mask and mask necklace. But you can wear graphic vote tshirts so many different ways in the days that lead up to the election. Spread the word. Rock the vote. And stay safe!

If you haven’t voted yet and need any information, please checkout

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Sydne Style shows how to wear a duster cardigan with jeans and booties

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