October 29, 2023

These Baby Carrier Halloween Costume Ideas are So Easy!

Want to be hands-free while you go trick or treating? There are so many fun babywearing Halloween costumes you can do that don’t require any sewing. Here are some I came up with my son in mommy and me baby carrier Halloween costume ideas:

6 Baby Carrier Halloween Costume Ideas

Princess & the Pea

This pea in a pod costume actually had a detachable velcro front. So I simply tucked it under my Babybjorn carrier after I put my son in.

Safari Guide & Safari Animal

Since my baby carrier is neutral, I felt like it blended with my son’s giraffe costume. If you have a black baby carrier, a zebra could be cute. Or if your carrier is gray, an elephant costume would be adorable!

Cow Jumped Over The Moon

Did you know that a dog costume can be repurposed for a babywearing Halloween costume? I discovered this towards the end of my dress-up journey. But I’ll using this trick forever! Here’s a video on how to do it the simple no-sew DIY.

Frida & Her Monkey

Preston got a little hot, which is why half his monkey costume is off in these pics. So I shared the non babywearing Halloween costume, too. But Frida is super easy because she always wore shawls. So you can simply wrap a shawl around your carrier.


This is another dog costume that I repurposed for my baby. I put both photos in so you can see what it looks like. A cloak effortlessly drapes over a baby carrier!

curious george & the (wo)man in the yellow hat

Another monkey costume. Another time my son got too hot so he’s only wearing part of it. This time I used my Baby K’Tan carrier as a sling.

More Halloween ideas:


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