March 12, 2014

How To: Style a Coffee Table


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In this week’s episode of How To, I invited my dear friend, lifestyle expert Kelly Lee of KellyGolighlty, over to teach us tricks on styling a coffee table. I hope you enjoy her tips and make sure to comment on the video to let me know what you want to see in upcoming episodes!

#1 Books
– Pick pretty, colorful, and graphic books
– If you have a double layered coffee table, on the lower level be sure to symmetrically stack the books on each corner
– Always leave your fave book open showing something artsy or colorful

#2 Flowers 
– Adding a vase of flowers creates dimensions, textures and smells
–  Flowers can  last about two weeks before you have to switch them out

#3 Decorative Objects
–  Make your decorative objects personal

#4 Entertaining
– Keep a bottle of champagne out, and one chilled in the fridge
– Coral you champagne and glasses in a tray

#5 Nibbles
– Reuse cute boxes by putting the snacks in or on them
– It’s always nice to have something for quests to snack on

 “A lady always nibbles”


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  1. Sahily Mua Perez commented:

    This was so helpful! My coffee table is so boring and I have been wanting to spice it up!

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