August 31, 2016

Three Ways I’m Keeping My Mind and Body Healthy

Sydne Style uses Dove bodywash to stay moisturized for beauty blogger tipsBetween travel and work, I’ve barely have time to breathe. I’ve noticed that my intense schedule is starting to take a toll on my health, both body and mind. So I’ve been trying to use simple ways to stay a little healthier. Here are a few of my adjustments that have really helped recently:

Sydne Style uses Dove moisture body washSydne Style uses Dove deep moisture body wash for beauty blogger secretsStaying Moisturized

It’s incredible how much plane rides can dry out your skin! Not to mention, the change of weather when you’re bouncing around different locations. Ever since my doctor recommended Dove years ago, I’ve been using their body wash daily. I recently partnered with Dove, who sent me their Dove Deep Moisture and I’m obsessed with what it’s done for my dry skin. I’ve definitely come to realize that not all body washes are the same but was shocked to learn that some body washes can actually contain the same skin drying cleansers found in dish soap! Only Dove Body Wash takes a dual approach to healthy skin by maintaining and nourishing its protective layer during cleansing. It’s also super gentle, and with the unique care of NutriumMoisture technology, you actually notice your skin is softer and smoother just after one shower.

Sydne Style shares secrets to losing weight with lemon waterIncreasing Vitamin C

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but lemons have been my lifesaver. I’ve been adding lemon to everything from food to drinks. I noticed I’m drinking more water when I have pre-cut lemon slices in my fridge. I’ll squeeze them into water bottles before I head out the door or use them to flavor my sparkling water when I’m working from home.

Sydne Style recommeds ways to relax your body and mind to live a healthier lifestyleCelebrating Me Time

I’ve never been good at relaxing unless I’m at the beach. So I’ve literally started to schedule “me time” in my color-coded calendar. I take a look at when I have a free hour or two during the week and block it out so I can do some type of relaxing activity. It can range from taking a leisurely hike to reading a magazine by the pool or new book in bed with Bunny. This has been the hardest adjustment but I’m going to continue to keep working on it!

Do you have any easy tips you use to stay healthier during the week? Would love to hear them!

*Thank you to Dove for partnering on this post.*

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