July 31, 2017

Big News: I’m Redesigning My Home!

Sydne Style shares home decor ideas with blush chairGuess what? I’m redesigning my home! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already heard the news and I couldn’t be more excited. After living in my condo for eight years I finally decided it was time for a refresh. And I’m not talking just a new couch or rug. I’m completely renovating and redesigning the entire space.

Step one was finding an interior designer: I decided to go with Jodee Lemon. We’re in the initial stages of picking out hardwood, tiles and cabinetry. So for the past two weeks I’ve spent over 20 hours on Pinterest.

We’re going for a luxe, feminine vibe with lots of white for the space. I’ve been finding plenty of bathroom inspo but having trouble with images of the bedroom and living room vibe I’m going for. I guess that’s a good thing. My space will be original!

Nordstrom also has a ton of home decor on sale as part of their Anniversary Sale (prices go back up August 7). If you’re doing any redesign it’s a great time to get some amazing pieces on sale!

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I wanted to share some of the images I’ve been pinning but you can check them all out on my Home Inspo board, as well as Jodee’s board for my condo. We’re going to continue pinning throughout the process. I also plan to do a ton of home blog posts and videos so I’d love to hear what you’re interested in seeing.

I can’t wait to share this new chapter of my life with you!

Sydne Style shares bathroom decor ideas with white marbleWe’re totally renovating my bathrooms. I love the look of white marble and mixing complimentary tiles.

Sydne Style shares bathroom decor ideas with metallic wallpaperWe’re also going to be playing with wallpaper for the guest bathroom and an accent wall in the living room. My samples are coming next week and I can’t wait!

Sydne Style shares home decor ideas with white drapesIn the living room, I want an open, airy space. I wish my ceiling were as high as these but Jodee said that drapery will make the room appear taller. So we’ll be looking into different drapes as well as cool light fixtures.

Sydne Style shares home decor ideas with blush chaise chairI dream of having a chaise lounge for a reading nook. With only 740 sq feet I’m not sure if we can make it work but we’ll see what happens!

Sydne Style shares bedroom decor ideas with white textureI’ve always loved white bedrooms. We’re redoing the feel of my current white bedroom and will be playing with texture and mixed metallics.

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  1. Olivia commented:

    I really like your bright solution for the house. What’s missing is the work area where you usually do your work? I don’t have a separate office at home either, but we used this solution with glass partitions. Such a working office looks just amazing

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  2. Veronika commented:

    Congratulations! The white marble in the bathroom looks really amazing. So that the repair does not become a headache for you – it is very important to find good specialists who will understand you from the first word and do everything as planned. Check out the reviews here to choose only the best ones for yourself

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  3. Elisa commented:

    I love this process, as soon as I moved to Chicago to a new house, with the help of the company I also planned design updates. Always want to do something of your own, or just freshen up the house

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  4. Amanda commented:

    My husband and I decided that remodeling the entire house would be a big and complex project. We decided that it would be the best solution to sell our house with the help of and look for our dream home in the area. This option worked best

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  5. Albina commented:

    Om du är intresserad av renovering är wolkenplafond väldigt intressanta idéer för köket, de kommer att göra köket enklare och större, vilket uppdateras i köket för minimala pengar. Detta är ett bra alternativ för heminredning till ett lågt pris

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