September 10, 2017

My Home Makeover: Packing Up & Moving Out

Welcome to week three of My Home Makeover! Before I bring you with me for the week, I’m explaining why I’m even redoing my home. It’s the question I keep getting the most. Also get tips from my designer on picking out paint, lighting and finishings for home renovation.

I hope you enjoy coming along my #ssAtHome journey with me!


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  1. Melody commented:

    You are tooo cute!!!

    Published 9.11.17 Reply
  2. Michelle Grappo commented:

    I know I am late to this party but WOW– you worked so hard and it really paid off. Thank you for sharing!!!! Just, wow.

    Published 11.26.19 Reply
    • Sydne commented:

      Aw thanks! So glad you liked it!

      Published 12.2.19 Reply
  3. Olivia commented:

    Fees and repairs are very exciting, we also recently had a move. It was less stressful, because the team helped us with it. We moved quickly and without any losses. It is planned to “make up” our new housing in the near future 🙂

    Published 8.7.20 Reply
  4. Ada commented:

    Hi, thanks for this video. I often move from place to place, and always have a moving company number to make it easy and good. The site often helps me with this, and there are also good recommendations for moving the blog

    Published 9.23.21 Reply
  5. Veronika commented:

    Moving is a process that we usually associate with headaches and stress. Putting your whole life in boxes, transporting and disassembling them is the same energy-consuming and complex process as repairs. You can always contact long distance movers Calgary, they will take care of everything

    Published 10.19.21 Reply
  6. Polly commented:

    Great, thanks for sharing your story. I understand how difficult it is to renovate the house. Here it is important to unload yourself, and trust the professionals, not to leave all the tasks on yourself. You can find a good electrician here and get valuable help with the improvement of your new home

    Published 11.3.21 Reply
  7. Eren commented:

    Hiring office movers also protects you and your employees. Instead of having the risk of one of your employees getting hurt during the moving process; this could lead to them wanting to file for worker’s compensation, but result in them losing time, as well.

    Published 8.3.22 Reply
  8. Rosie commented:

    Such changes are always very reverent feelings. But I would not dare to move on my own, it takes a lot of energy, time and effort. And there’s nothing to spend all your time on this now, it’s much more convenient to find a team of professionals here , they will help you with the move and made the task much easier

    Published 8.10.22 Reply
  9. Elisa commented:

    Looks like a real plan. You are right, the move itself is troublesome, but it cannot be compared with the repair or renovation of a new house. When we moved, we planned to change all the wiring and the roof. Moreover, we also installed new light switches, from this site
    It was a lot of work, but the result is worth it

    Published 9.26.22 Reply

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