July 25, 2018

What to Pack for a Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas

Sydne Style shows what to wear to a las vegas pool party in off the shoulder dress

This past weekend, I celebrated my college best friend’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Since I got a lot of questions from the bridal party about what to pack for a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, I figured I’d share the tips I gave them in case you’re planning a bash of your own:

DO bring multiples

Vegas in messy. When packing bathing suits and going out outfits, make sure to bring at least one extra alternative in case something gets stained. One night a girl bumped into me and spilled her entire cocktail on my dress. I was thrilled I had an extra option waiting for me upstairs.

DON’T pack anything white

I think this is just a safe rule for any wedding activity, whether it’s the bachelorette, bridal shower or wedding itself. There are a few brides that don’t care, but the majority want their special day (and special celebrations before the big day) to have the focus on them. So let the bride wear white!

A lot of the bridesmaids did black dresses and coverups, which is obviously a safe choice. As for me, I thought it would be a fun opportunity to play with color. I brought bright bathing suits, vibrant daytime dresses, printed skirts and colorful nighttime outfits.

outfit theme idea

We reserved a pool cabana for one of the days in Las Vegas. To make for cute pictures, we decided to do an outfit theme. The bride loves pink. But since that was a little limiting, we asked the bachelorette party to wear a pink or red swimsuit. The bride obviously wore white and it resulted in photos full of love.

If pink or red isn’t up your bride’s alley, asking everyone to wear black would work equally as well (and definitely easier to find outfit options!).

DO bring comfortable shoes

Even if you don’t venture onto The Strip, there is a ton of walking in Vegas. The hotels are huge! I suggest cute flats for daytime (I’m personally not a fan of heels at the pool). For night, try to bring along heels that either have padding at the soles or add a foot cushion. And don’t forget bandaids! It’s inevitable that at least one person will get a blister during the trip.

DON’T worry about everyone else

A few of the girls on my trip had never been to Las Vegas. They thought they had to buy sparkly or super sexy dresses to fit in. I told them the rule I follow myself: Wear what makes you feel good! Sure, I dress a little sexier in Vegas than I do in Los Angeles. But I still want to be me. The first night I wore this yellow bodycon dress and the second night I re-wore my red dress from last year’s Halloween costume (minus the feather boa, of course). It’s sold out in red but still available in black and blue. Even though both dresses were skin tight, they either had a high neckline or longer hemline. I didn’t feel the need to show an extreme amount of skin just because so many other women were.

Sydne Style shows what to wear to a bachlorette party in las vegas in yellow bodycon dress

fun decor ideas

The maid of honor at the bachelorette brought along the cutest decor for our cabana at the pool. I was obsessed with the mini men that we attached to our mimosas! Here are my favorite bachelorette party decorations she brought along:

muscle men drink markers ($11.27)

diamond ring drink floats ($14.99)

confetti filled balloons ($14.95)

Sydne Style shows what to wear in las vegas in denim mini skirt

I hope this guide helps you if you’re doing a bachelorette party in Las Vegas! Check out my bachelorette gift guide for more ideas!

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