August 21, 2018

How to Grieve a Pet: What Helped Me With My Loss

Sydne Style shares kate spade polka dot frame for keepsakes

It’s been a couple of months since Bunny Bell passed away. I still miss her terribly every day. But going through the grieving process has majorly helped. I wanted to share what has helped me in terms of how to grieve a pet in case you or someone you know is going through something similar.

Sydne Style shares how to grieve a pet by writing a letter

Write a letter

A few days after Bunny passed, I wrote her a letter in my journal. The pages were covered in tears as I poured my heart out to my little girl. A couple of days later, I typed up a shortened version of my letter and shared it with some of my favorite photos on my blog.

I spoked with a lot of my #ssInstaFam over on Instagram and they said they also wrote letters when their dogs or cats passed away. It’s really helpful in the healing process, whether you share your words or not.

Create a photo album

I have almost a thousand photos of Bunny on my phone. I organized them all in an album called Bunny Bell. Everyday, I’d go through all the happy memories (and I still do!). Putting all the memories in one folder makes it easier to create a special photo book online when you’re ready. In my case, I sent everything to my photo editor to do a video album. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you can see all the beautiful memories.

Watch Bunny’s Tribute video


Create special mementos

The first day I returned to LA after Bunny passed, my friend Michelle took me to a jeweler. A bunch of my friends got initials or symbols tattooed on their bodies after their pets passed away. I’m not a tattoo person but I wanted something on me to feel that Bunny was always with me. Since Bunny was such a princess, I felt diamonds were more up her alley than ink.

I decided on a diamond B initial bracelet. We chose a diamond bone and heart stud earring, and the lovely people at XIV Karats designed a special piece that I never take off. If you don’t have a jeweler need you, I found this diamond initial bracelet online.

Another thing I did that helped was putting photographs of Bunny in special frames. I decided on her roses photo in a polka dot frame, after her polka dot collar she always wore. I also ordered a couple acrylic box frames and still have her photo as my backdrop on my Frame TV.

I fell in love with Shutterfly acrylic photo blocks ($44.99) years ago after my mom sent me one as a present. It’s such a special way to preserve a memory.

After Bunny passed, I ordered two photo blocks. I keep one right by the entrance of my home so she still greets me when I enter the door. I keep the other on my nightstand so I can kiss her goodnight every night.

Lean on family & friends

I could not be more thankful that my parents were there for me when the tragedy took place. I cried in their arms all weekend. When I returned home, I’d call my mom multiple times a day. I spoke to my friends for hours, remembering all the happy times we shared with Bunny Bell. During hard times, you really learn who the special people are in your life. I’m so grateful that I have so many people to lean on. I don’t usually like asking for help but this time I did… and the responses were so heartwarming.

Social media also helped a ton. I found myself talking to people around the world, who had similar experiences. Sharing my pain helped ease it.

My home was covered in flowers after Bunny passed away. I was so grateful that my friends and family made sure to let me know that I was in their thoughts.

Instead of flowers, my aunt sent me a personalized key chain. In the back, it’s engraved with the message, “Love you forever, Bunny Bell.” After posting it on Insta Stories, I got so many questions about it so I asked my aunt where she ordered it. She found it online and it comes from China, just like Jack Jack!

Sydne Style shares how to grieve a pet and when to get a new dog

Save another animal’s life

Everyone has a different timeline for bringing a new dog or cat into their life after a furbaby passes away. I honestly didn’t think I was going to be ready for another dog for at least a few months. But as you know, I adopted Jack Jack just a little over a week after I lost Bunny. Even though I saved his life through adoption, he was the one that actually saved me.

If you’re grieving the loss of a pet my heart goes out to you. It is one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had to face. I still haven’t washed Bunny’s favorite blanket. I keep it on my bed and hug it twice a day when Jack Jack and I wish her a good morning and good night. I hope she’s playing with your furry loved ones over The Rainbow Bridge.

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    An absolutely beautiful post.

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    I know these feelings a little too well….I am sorry for your loss……it is so difficult to let go….thanks for sharing your jouney with everyone.

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