December 3, 2019

3 Holiday Hair Accessories for Festive Hairstyles

Sydne Style shows holiday hair ideas with sparkle ribbon and ponytail

An easy way to update any look for the holiday season is with festive hair accessories. I love doing this through sparkled and luxe textures like velvet. Sometimes I’ll wear holiday hair accessories to add interest to a little black dress and other times I’ll simply wear them with a sweater and jeans to make my casual looks more glam. Here are 3 holiday hair accessory ideas to get you started:

hair pins

Hair pins have been getting more and more popular over the years. And it’s not surprising, since they’re so easy to add to any hairstyle. You can pin one to the side or create a design by layering multiples. When I was in New York, I stacked a set of crystal bobby pins on one side of my hair to add sparkle to my red skirt holiday outfit.

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hair bows

Hair bows are the perfect accessory on a bad hair day. They make any type of ponytail or braid look instantly chic! I love using hair bows to dress up casual outfits, like this fuzzy sweater, black jeans and embellished flats I recently wore to get my highlights at Kim Vo Salon. My crystal hair bow sadly isn’t available anymore but I found a few more options for you:

I also like the look of velvet ribbon in a ponytail or braid. I’ll definitely be taking some of the velvet ribbon from my holiday home decor to tie in my hair. Since I don’t have photos of my hairstyle yet, here are a few gorgeous images of velvet bow hairstyles from Julia, Ashley and Jacey.

I prefer to use ribbon from the craft store to make my own bows. But if you want pre-made ones, here are a few bow ponytails I found online:


The third festive hair accessory I love for the holidays is headbands. There are so many options available right now from embellished pearls and beads to velvet and satin. I realized I don’t have any holiday headbands so I ordered a few while writing this post. Until they arrive, here is some holiday headband inspiration from Annabelle, Merritt and Laura.

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Head to my holiday section for more holiday outfit ideas!


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