May 5, 2021

White Lace Dresses for those Special Occasions

Sydne Style wears saylor white lace rue dress

I’ve always loved white lace dresses. And I’ve worn my fair share over the year. I’ve taken white lace dresses with me to fashion week, Australia and even to a Halloween party. Most recently, I fell in love with the detailing on this high neck white lace dress. I didn’t have anywhere to wear it in the near future, so my photographer, Mun, and I set up a tea on the lawn. It was so fun to dress up and the dress made me feel so special.

Speaking of special, white lace dresses are the perfect piece to wear to special occasions. I always recommend them when people ask what to wear to graduation. And I’ve found my friends many white dresses over the years to wear to events leading up to their weddings. If you have a special occasion coming up – or you want to just feel special playing dress up like I did – I rounded up some more dress options below…

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Sydne Style wears white lace dress at pasadena house of roses
Sydne Style wears white lace dress on white tea chairs


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