October 11, 2021

Introducing Chubbs!

Sydne Style shares foster dog story for adopting pets

It’s time to officially introduce you to the newest member of the family.

say hello to Chubbs!

I never planned on getting a second dog. Chubbs was supposed to just be a foster. But anyone who knows me knew it would be a foster fail. I officially adopted Chubbs. Like I did when I got Jack Jack (who was also a foster fail!), I wanted to do a little Q&A and share pics from Chubbs’ first photo shoot.

How did you meet Chubbs?

I met Chubbs a day after he was brought in to West LA Animal Center. He was a total mess. He was matted in some areas and he was missing fur on most of his back. He was super itchy. He had huge tumors. And he was so dirty that he was listed as a gray dog! But the minute I saw his soulful eyes and funny underbite, I knew he’d be so adorable once he got groomed. I was right. A week later when I returned to the shelter to volunteer, Chubbs looked like a completely different dog.

What made you decide to foster?

As I mentioned, I was not planning to get Jack Jack a sibling. When I’m volunteering, I want to take home all the dogs from the shelter. Obviously I can’t. And I told myself I wouldn’t take home any. But I connected with Chubbs from the first time I saw him. So when he was rescued by Love Leo Rescue and needed a foster, I immediately volunteered.

What made you decide to keep him?

During the month of August, while I was fostering Chubbs, I connected to him even more. I took him to his vet appointments. I cared for him as he recovered from his surgery (his tumors were benign thank goodness!). And day by day his personality came out more and more. When he was ready to be adopted, he immediately had someone interested. The rescue group contacted me to set up a meet and greet. Right when I read the text I knew I couldn’t give him up. I officially adopted him that night.

Does He get along with Jack Jack?

At first, no. Chubbs liked Jack Jack from the first day I brought him home. But, being an only child for three years, JJ was less than thrilled to have another dog taking his mom’s attention. Slowly, though, JJ warmed up to Chubbs. They now walk side by side, share toys and sleep together in bed.

How old is Chubbs?

We’re not really sure. The shelter thought he was 14. The rescue group guessed that he was 8. And my vet thinks he’s around 10. So I’m going with 10 years old.

What breed is he?

No clue! We have bets in my family what we think he is. I definitely think he’s part Cocker Spaniel. But we’ll have to wait until the DNA test comes back to find out.

*update: Chubbs turned out to be 42.5% Shih Tzu & 37.4% Poodle (Small) & 7.5% Pekingese & 12.6% Supermutt

What’s with the name Chubbs?

Again, no clue! He’s not chubby at all. In fact, he was so skinny when he came home with me (he’s since gained two pounds). I honestly have no idea why the shelter gave him that name. But I think it’s adorable. So now his full name is Chubbs William Summer.

Even though Chubbs was an unexpected addition to my life, I’m so happy he’s here. It makes me feel so good that I was able to bring him from the streets to my pink sofa. And now that Jack Jack loves him too, we’re one big happy family.

If you’re thinking of getting an animal, please adopt don’t shop!

Sydne Style shares shelter dog story
Sydne Style shares foster dog story
Photos by reuben luke


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  1. Heywood commented:

    From the moment I brought Jack Jack home, Chubbs got along well with him. But after three years of being the only child, JJ wasn’t overly happy to see another canine occupying his mother’s attention. But JJ warmed up to Chubbs gradually. They now stroll side by side, play together, and share a bed. And, play the tank battlegame with me via

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  2. Emily commented:

    I think these are great suggestions! They are imaginative, realistic, and brimming with possibility. You should be proud of how much work went into them; I appreciate you bringing them up. I can’t wait to see how these creative solutions are refined and put into action. Well done!

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