October 2, 2018

No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Chic Halloween Decor

Sydne Style shows chic fall decor ideas with white pumpkins

It’s my first Fall in my home since I renovated. I’m still just as in love with my space as I was when I moved in last November. But I want to spruce it up a bit with some fall decor. I scoured Pinterest and found some chic Halloween home decor inspiration with no-carve pumpkin ideas.

The first look I fell in love with was this white centerpiece from Tone on Tone. If you’ve taken my home tour, you know I’m obsessed with white. The combination of white pumpkins with hydrangeas, candles and earthy antlers is just so serene.

For more glam Halloween decor, I’m into gold accents. Such Pretty Things has an easy DIY with gold glitter white pumpkins. But I would be a little nervous about the mess. I can just picture Jack Jack with a nose full of glitter if I try to re-create these.  The DIY sequin pumpkins from Sugar & Cloth might be a little bit more up my alley.

Another no-mess idea is Anum Tariq‘s mini black and white pumpkins with mini gold dots. I’m guessing she just did this with a metallic paint pen. I also love the gold confetti pumpkin DIY from Homey Oh My.

Sydne Style shares no carve pumpkin diy ideas for fall decor halloween with calligraphy pumpkins.

The most creative pumpkin DIY I found on Pinterest were hanging half pumpkins from Just Destiny She filled them with flowers and drilled holes to hang them. How cool is that?! Considering I don’t own a drill I don’t see this DIY in my future but I just had to share. I could get on board with the calligraphy, though. That seems easy enough. If you’re not sure about your penmanship, I also found personalized white pumpkins with black or gold lettering online.

So now the big decision is to DIY or not to DIY. I found some stylish pumpkin decor if I decide on the latter…

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