March 12, 2019

Hawaii Girls Trip Photo Diary

Sydne Style wears agolde denim shorts in twin fall maui

Over New Year’s, I took a girls trip with my babes Jessica and Marikah to Hawaii. We had so much fun spending the week at the beach, going for jogs in in the mountains, indulging in way too many piña coladas and coconut shrimp and laughing every day. I’ve been to Maui a few times and I have to say this was one of my favorite trips yet!

When looking through my phone this weekend, I realized I had so many photos that I never shared. So I figure better late than never to put together a photo diary of our Maui girls trip. Jessica also edited a fun video that you can watch if you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Where to stay

We spent part of the time at Marikah’s family home. She grew up in Maui (how gorgeous is the view from the patio?!). We didn’t have the best experience at the hotel we stayed out so there’s no point in recommending. But my favorite hotel is the Farimont Maui, which I talked about the last time I visited the island.

What to wear

Three words: keep it casual! Hawaian life is very laid back. So you really don’t need anything dressy. While we did bring some sparkle to ring in the New Year, I kept all my heels at home. I mostly lived in my favorite jean shorts, my new straw hat, coverups and a ton of bathing suits. We popped into the local Target the day we landed in Maui and basically cleared out their sales rack! It’s nice being the same size as your friends because you get to share all vacay. If you want to purchase online before your trip, here are some of my favorites that are similar to the ones we wore:


favorite beaches

I have two favorite beaches in Maui. In the past, I’ve stayed on Wailea, which is my absolute favorite. It stretches on forever and you can take walks every morning and lounge at your resort all day. I talked more about here. Since we didn’t stay on Wailea this time, we parked our jeep on the secluded beach stretch on the way to Wailea. It’s just off the main road and so secluded that we called it our secret beach! The upside is there are few people and the ones that do visit are mostly locals. The downside is no piña coladas delivered to your beach chair. So it really just depends on your personal preference. Honestly, you can’t go wrong in Maui!

Sydne Style shows what to wear on vacation in agolde denim shorts

favorite local drink

I know I keep mentioning piña coladas–and they are beyond delish in Maui!– but my favorite drink was non alcoholic. I drank Big Island Hawaiian Gingerade every single day. Marikah stocked her fridge with it (it’s a local favorite!) and it was so refreshing after a beach day. I got super sick the last day and warmed it up and sipped it as a hot tea. The ginger did wonders for my sore throat.

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me in this photo diary!

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Sydne Style shares maui travel tips for girls vacation

Sydne Style shares girls trips with Jessica Lowndes and Marika Cunningham

Sydne Style shares maui girls trip with jessica lowndes and marika cunningham

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Sydne Style and Jessica Lowndes attend sheraton maui luau


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  1. Michelle Louise Scammell commented:

    Wow Hawaii looks amazing, you made a holiday of a lifetime look so beautiful. I would love to visit.

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  2. Bill Wickersham commented:

    I live on the big island and this is the first photoshoot I have ever seen that does it justice.
    Beautifully done, ladies!

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