September 23, 2019

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now // No. 2

Sydne Style shares best dressed emmys 2019 pick with Naomi Watts in dior gown

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I spent all last week at my parent’s house down in San Diego, still trying to recover from my concussion. But I came back to watch the Emmys on Sunday (although I probably should have just stayed in San Diego considering my mom and I texted non stop, per usual, about all the dresses).

You can check out my Insta Stories to play my Award Show red carpet fashion game!

My favorite part about award shows is always the fashion. Naomi Watts was hands down my best dressed pick. I just loved everything about her look from the drama of the Dior Haute Couture gown to her chic modern bob and fresh coral-red lipstick. It would have been a great look for Oscars! And because one Naomi Watts Emmys photo wasn’t enough, let’s get on to more of her in…


#1: draping jewels

I know I’ve gushed plenty about Naomi Watts at Emmys. But one more thing I wanted to draw attention to is her jewelry. I loved how her Harry Winston necklace elegantly draped down her back. It already has me thinking about holiday season!

Obviously I can’t afford 23 carats of diamonds, nor will probably have the occasion to wear such a dramatic gown. But a long strand of crystals worn backwards, draping down the neck, would be a chic twist with a little black strapless dress. I can’t wait to recreate something similar!

#2: pink & red

Sticking with the Emmys, I could not believe how many red and pink dresses there were (see below). It’s such a bold mix that it was shocking so many stylists chose it for their actresses. Even though I enjoy pink and red together, I didn’t love any of the dresses.

I do love this pink and red dress, though, that was actually named after me! You can rent the Sydne dress if you have any special occasions coming up where you want make a bold statement.

See how I wore the dress in my pink and red post.

Elliatt “Sydne” Dress, available to rent online

Sydne Style rounds up pink and red dresses at the emmys 2019 red carpet
Mandy Moore in Brandon Maxwell – Susan Kelechi Watson in Christian Siriano – Taraji P. Henson in Vera Wang – Marisa Tomei in Ralph & Russo – Zoe Kazan in Gucci

#3: Royally obsessed

I still haven’t really been able to watch TV. Even with the Emmys I had to keep pausing to rest my eyes from the light. So I’ve continued my at-home book club. My new favorite is American Royals. I literally only have one complaint about the book: that the sequel doesn’t come out until 2020! Seriously, I could not put this one down.

Author Katherine McGee dreamt up a world in which instead of George Washington become president, he became the king of America. The book is set in present day, following the lives of the current royal family: a princess destined to be the first ruling Queen of America, and her younger prince and princess twin siblings, who are breaking traditions left and right. I have no doubt this will become a movie. So I highly suggest reading it before it does!

American Royals, $13.29

#4: such a gem

Gorjana has been one of my go-to jewelry sites for years when I’m looking for gifts. I always get so many compliments on my own jewelry and judging by my friends’ hands and necks, they love when I send them the jewelry too. Plus, the packaging is super cute.

When sending a gift to my friend last week, I was pleased to see a deal Gorjana has going on right now with their power gemstones collection. You can make an intention pack by picking three different gemstones pieces. Each one has a different meaning, so you can really personalize. And depending on which pieces you choose (rings, bracelets or necklaces) it’s a great deal!

Gorjana power gemstones 3-pack, $98

#5: It’s bananas

As much as I love cheese and ice cream, I’ve been limiting my dairy for a couple of years now. I used to get horrible sinus infections and I’ve found that cutting out diary (aside from the occasional cheat) has majorly helped.

Although I tried numerous dairy free “ice cream” alternatives over the year, I could never find one I liked… until last week. I honestly picked up a tub of Hakuna Banana Banila at Whole Foods because I thought the name was cute and I’m a sucker for fun packaging. I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. It’s incredibly creamy and tastes even extra delicious with some chocolate sauce on top. I can’t wait to try the other flavors!

Haukuna Banana frozen desert, $7.49






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