November 29, 2019

Parisian Holiday Decor with Emerald & Blush

Sydne Style shows glam holiday decor for paris theme christmas with blush couch and green pillows

I usually base my holiday home decor on my current fashion mood. Last year I was all about winter white outfits so I created a winter wonderland in my home. This year,Β I can’t get enough of jewel tones, specifically emerald green. I even kicked holiday season early with a green jumpsuit that I can’t wait to break out for a holiday party.

When I thought about bringing emerald green into my home for holidays, I remembered my trip to Paris earlier this year. So many chic cafes had deep green velvet contrasted with feminine blush. I decided the combo was perfect considering all the blush accents in my mostly white home!

holiday pillows & throws

I always start with pillows and throws because they instantly change the feel of your space. I kept some of my staple pillows on my couch, my ombrΓ© fuzzy pillow (now on sale!) and a blush velvet pillow. Then I added green and holiday sayings to the mix with a beaded peace pillow, snowflake pillow (similar here) and green velvet pillows. I usually keep this blush faux fur blanket in my bedroom (it’s the softest thing ever!). But I brought it out to drape on my chaise lounge.

Sydne Style shows chic loungewear from talbots at home collection

Side note: how cute is this loungewear? I wore the soft joggers and matching blush pullover while I decorated and have been living in the set!

holiday coffee table

Sydne Style shows coffee table decor ideas for christmas with ornaments and nest candles

After setting up my pillows, I headed to my coffee table. I kept my stack of coffee table books on bottom, simply adding mixed metallic candles on top for a touch of shine.

On top, I decorated my stone tray with a holiday candle, rose gold glitter tree, fresh flowers and my favorite dog ornament. I love using ornaments as decor. I filled a decorative bowl with green marble ornaments and my DIY ornaments (see this post on how to DIY your own ornaments!).

holiday mantel decor

Sydne Style shows how to decorate a mantle for christmas with green candles and ornaments

I also used ornaments to decorate my media console. Since I don’t have a fireplace, I use my media console as my holiday mantel. In past years, I’ve done fresh garland. This year, I put the fresh flowers and greens in vases so they’d last all month. Eucalyptus and tree garland dries out, so you really only have to replace the fresh roses every week or so. I also cut up some gold garland to make the floral arrangements look more holiday.

For the rest of the decor, I scattered different size glitter trees, emerald candles, rose candles and a few gold holiday decorative objects. Then I found a winter sunset to put up on my framed TV.

holiday greenery

I don’t have a real tree so I added more greenery with wreaths and floral arrangements. I used faux wreaths on my wall lighting to avoid a mess. But I incorporated the delicious smelling eucalyptus and fresh garland from my mantle to put in large white vases. For the final step, I placed my DIY ornaments on my white birch tree.

Other additions? I made sure Jack Jack had new toys to match this year’s holiday theme. How cute is this dog rosΓ© bottle toy?! I bring it out for him anytime I have friends over for wine, which of course also matched my theme: I’ve been obsessed with Kim Crawford’s Sauvignon Blanc for years. It’s a lucky coincidence that the green bottles fit in perfectly. I usually place them on this marble wine coaster to avoid getting marks on my table.

I hope you enjoyed coming with me on my holiday home tour! For more ideas for the season, check out my holiday section!

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Sydne Style shows glam holiday decor with blush couch and green pillows

Sydne Style shows how to decorate a coffee table for christmas with ornaments decor

Sydne Style shows glam holiday decor ideas with green velvet and blush couch

Sydne Style shows glam holiday decor ideas with blush couch green vevlet pillows and clear coffee table

Sydne Style shows holiday decor ideas in emerald green and blush couch

Photos by Munopia


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