February 3, 2020

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now // No. 11

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Did you watch the Super Bowl yesterday? I still can’t get over JLo. I don’t think she’s ever looked better! I mean, she has always been amazing in my book. But it’s seriously mind boggling that Jennifer Lopez is 50. She really is perfection. Aside from JLo and her abs, let’s chat about other things I’m loving right now:

I keep getting questions on Instagram about where I got my iPhone case. So today I figured I’d share on the blog since it’s one of my favorite things… well two of my favorite things (it’s two separate pieces). I’ve still been reading up a storm and I was influenced by another influencer for a recent purchase. So without further ado…


#1: put a ring on

A couple of years ago, my hand started killing me from always being on my phone. So I tried a ton of iPhone ring holders. A bunch of my friends swore by Pop Sockets but I couldn’t get used to them. I finally tried this iPhone ring holder I found on Amazon and was instantly obsessed!

I originally ordered because I thought the rose gold was so pretty. They have a bunch of different marble options. I did rose gold marble at first. I love how the metallic almost looks like jewelry when you slip your finger through it. I have petite hands and the ring feels just the right size. And despite the low price it lasts! It took over a year to break, which is saying a lot because I’m always dropping my phone. I recently replaced it with the classic white marble color.



#2: clearly chic

After years of trying different fun iPhone cases, I got the rose gold iPhone and decided a clear case would look the most classic and chic. Someone recommended Tech21 for clear cases and I’ve been a fan for over a year now.

They’re not expensive and they hold up! Like I said, I’m always dropping my phone. And, knock on wood, it hasn’t cracked yet. I like having the protection without the bulk. I think having the ring on it helps, too. I also use a screen protector on my phone, which I got at Apple and had one of the staffers apply.

TECH21 IPHONE CASE, $14.90-$19.99

#3: colorfully moisturized

My lips get so dry in winter months. I usually rely on tinted lip balms but was intrigued to learn about the new Almay lip oil sticks. I use oils on the rest of my face and body, so it made sense to try it on my lips. They’re super moisturizing and unlike other oils I’ve tried, they really sink into my lips. I hate when the oil rests on top and gets into my stray hairs. The color looks intense in the package, but it gives just a slight hue, almost like a popsicle stain. My favorite color is Rosy Glaze.

Almay Color and Care lip oil in a stick, $7.99

#4: playful pearls

“Influencers” can definitely be influenced. During my girls trip to Big Bear last year, I borrowed these pearl hoop earrings from my friend Rachel. I loved them so much that I immediately went home and ordered them online. I have a ton of pearl earrings, but I really liked how these were spaced out with gold. I’ve worn them non-stop every since. They’re a good price point already but I recommend waiting for a sale. I never get anything a  J. Crew for full price. They’re always  having some type of sale.


#5: must-read

If you loved Big Little Lies, I highly recommend reading Whisper Network. Written by an attorney, the novel follows the lives of four lawyers. It’s partly an exploration of the struggles women face in the workplace, from pay to sexual harassment. But it’s also a mystery of a death, which we wonder is a death or suicide until the final chapters. It’s extremely relatable whether you work in a corporate environment or not. And I was left pondering many important themes while reading, and after I finished the book.

Whisper Network, $12.82




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