August 24, 2020

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now // No. 33

There is something so healing about the ocean. After another six-day work week, I took yesterday morning off and met my friend Elizabeth in Manhattan Beach. We took a walk along the beach, practicing social distancing, and just sat on the sand and caught up. While we talk all the time, it was so nice to chat in real life. I missed her so much! It’s definitely been hard not seeing my friends this summer, so I’m happy I can slowly start seeing them in a safe way. Aside from girl time, here are some more recent faves…


#1: glossy lips

I’m all about super glossy lips, but I hate when my gloss sticks to strands of hair that fall in front of my face. That’s why I’m obsessed with Mary Kay’s new Unlimited Lip Gloss collection. They go on silky smooth and they stay put. Seriously! The first time I tried them I was taking my face mask on and off all day and I still had color on my lips by late afternoon.

There are 14 shades in three finishes. You can wear them alone, or layer them like me. And each one conditions your lips while adding that coveted shine.


#2: be nice

My favorite gifts are the ones that are given for no reason, just to show that person you’re thinking of them. This weekend, my mom sent me a graphic tee with the lettering “I got this.” She’s been my biggest supporter my whole life.

The exact t-shirt she sent is sold out but the brand makes a bunch of inspiring graphic tees. I especially loved this “Work Hard, Be Nice” tee, which is on sale right now as part of Nordstrom’s big Anniversary Sale.

Sub Urban riot Work Hard Loose Graphic Tee, $34 $21.90

#3: entrepreneur chat

I was so honored when my friend Jamie asked me to be on her podcast. Jamie is a beauty blogger and has a podcast where she chats about everything from beauty and wellness to finances and work life. She invited me to be a guest on one of her entrepreneur episodes, to chat about how I launched my Sydne Summer collection amidst the pandemic.

I’ve been friends with Jamie for over ten years and she continues to amaze me. She’s such a great interviewer! She guided me to sharing all my tips on how you can launch a business, too.

A Little too much podcast with Jamie Stone

#4: triple coin

I love re-discovering pieces in my closet. This weekend, I finally cleaned up my room and stumbled upon this coin necklace that I’ve had for a while now. I’m so happy I found it again because now I’m wearing it with everything! I’ve been pretty minimal with my outfits recently, and love how this simple pendant adds a vintage touch to all my looks. Plus, the fact that you can just slip it over your neck versus having to clasp it is a major plus for me.


#5: camp mystery

I’ve loved all of Riley Sager’s books, so I was excited to find one I hadn’t read yet, The Last Time I Lied. While it wasn’t as suspenseful as the others, that was actually a good thing. That way I could read it at a normal speed rather than staying up all night. The story follows Emma, an artist who experienced a life-altering tragedy when she was attending summer camp as a teenager. When the camp re-opens fifteen years later, she’s invited back and slowly learns the truth about the disappearance and possible murder of her three childhood camp friends.

the last time I lied, $13.59



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