April 29, 2020

My 6 Most-Worn Pairs of Jeans

Sydne Style wears Milly white button down shirt with skinny jeans for spring outfit ideas

Happy National Denim Day! Living in Los Angeles, jeans have always been a huge part of my daily uniform. I have more pairs of jeans than I like to admit. But I definitely play favorites when it comes to my denim collection. In honor of National Denim Day, I figured I’d share six of my most-worn pairs of jeans.

I also wanted to share the history of Denim Day. It was created to raise awareness and support victims of rape and sexual assault. So even though we’re all at home, we can still throw on jeans today to show our support.

Since I wear jeans so often, this is definitely somewhere I tend to spend more money. So since the majority of my most-worn jeans are on the higher price point, I made sure to also include my most worn affordable jeans at the end of the list…

High Waist Jeans

When it comes to high-waist jeans, AGolde is by far my favorite brand. I initially fell in love with them with the Taylor style (the light wash in the middle) and still wear those non stop. They unfortunately discontinued the style but their new versions are equally amazing. Depending on the wash I want I’ll either for my Pinch Waist (the medium wash on left) or the Remy (the darker wash on right). I like that all three styles are a little looser at the waist, allowing me to wear them with crop tops or bodysuits without feeling conscious.

Skinny Jeans

I’ve been wearing the same style skinny jeans for years: L’Agence Margot jeans. I have them in multiple washes but my favorites are definitely the darker wash. They have a bit of stretch but they don’t stretch out. They also sit higher on the waist, which I find flattering for my petite frame. The final reason I love them? They’re a cropped style. So even at 5’3, I don’t have to cut or hem them!

Distressed Jeans

I had a couple of years when I only wore distressed jeans. Recently, I find myself gravitating toward more classic styles. But I still wear my Grlfrnd Karolina jeans non-stop. They’re super tight at first, but slowly stretch to your body, creating that perfect lived-in feel. It’s almost like they mold into your curves as time goes by.

White Jeans

White jeans are hard. The majority of times they’re so see-through! That’s why these AGolde Sophie jeans are my go-to. They’re just thick enough that you can’t see through them. But they’re not too thick that they’re uncomfortable. I also love the frayed hem at the ankle. If you’re not a fan of frayed hems, they also come in a classic version.

coated Jeans

I’ve worn the same black coated jeans for years, and they’re the same style as my favorite classic skinny jeans: L’Agence Margot. I have them in a few different colors but I by far wear my black ones the most. In fact, I’ve worn them so many times that the coating has slowly faded. But I still wear them as more of a faded black denim pair of jeans.

Affordable Jeans

When it comes to affordable jeans, Levi’s has always been my go-to brand. I have quite a few pairs, but if I had to play favorites, I’d pick my Levi’s 721 jeans. They’re a high-waist style and come in both distressed and non-distressed washes. They’re a bit long on me, so I just cut them at the ankle and fray the edges.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my most-worn pairs of jeans and got a little inspo if you’re shopping for denim on National Denim Day! You can always see more outfit ideas in denim by heading over to my Outfits section and picking “Jeans” from the “Key Piece” category search.


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