December 21, 2017

Peek Into My New Dining Room!

Sydne Style shows white dining room decor ideasMy dining room is more of a dining area. It’s an extension of my kitchen and is a small space. So I really wanted to make it appear larger. Previously, I thought a dark accent wall would do the trick. Boy, was a I wrong! The new space seems twice as large as before thanks to an all-white color palette.

Before & After

Sydne Style shows before and after renovation photos of dining room with room and board table

Instead of dark charcoal, I brought the wallpaper from bathrooms into the dining area. Like the bedrooms, my designer, Jean Luxe,  came up with the idea to frame the existing mirrors to make them look more elevated.

I stuck with a round shape for my dining table. The before and after are actually both from Room & Board. But I loved the clean, modern vibe of my new white marble table. I used acrylic chairs to open up the space more then added fuzzy pillows to give guests a little padding when they sat.

Sydne Style shows jessica durant custom watercolor for dining room decor

For artwork, I turned to my friend Jessica Durrant to create a custom illustration. I’ve been obsessed with her watercolors for years and was so excited with the painting she came up with. I sent it to Framebridge with my other art pieces for a clean white frame.

For the dishes, I made it easy with The Complete Eat Bundle by Snowe. It had everything I needed to set and serve and the clean white design went with my space. Since marble can be a little tough to clean, I looked for some metallic placemats. I’ll share updates soon!

Sydne Style shows how to set a table with snowe bundle


Saarien Table – Room & Board
Tiffany Chairs – Room & Board
Sheepskin Pillows – Room & Board
The Complete Eat Bundle- Snowe
Bria Napkin Ring Set – Anthropologie
Custom Watercolor – Jessica Durrant
Irvine Frame: Framebridge
Custom Chandelier – McNoon
Custom Succulents – Desert Rose

Sydne Style shows white dining room decor ideas with blush accentsPhotos by Michelle Kyle

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  1. Natali commented:

    Ah… Your home is “goals” dear Sydne! Beautifully decorated dining room!

    Published 12.21.17 Reply
  2. SimplySory commented:

    WOW que bien ha quedado, la verdad que los muebles blancos y las sillas transparantes hacen que la luz se refleje mucho más.

    Published 12.27.17 Reply
  3. Ada commented:

    Very modern and light style of your room, thank you for the photo! My husband and I also made a small upgrade to our dining room, which started with a new tree table from which we absolutely love. I think that the next step will be to buy new ones for it.

    Published 6.27.21 Reply
  4. Benjamin commented:

    I really like how light and well thought out it is. We also did a renovation of our dining room not so long ago, and the first thing we changed was the electrical wiring and the entire lighting system in this room. We also used some light switches from to add smart home elements

    Published 9.7.22 Reply
  5. garry hilton commented:

    Friend, arrange dining chairs as they would stand. Pull out a chair. Sit down. Walk around. Use this simple and inexpensive trick to get an idea of how you, the table and the room will interact.

    Published 10.19.22 Reply
  6. Monica commented:

    Maybe this will help you. After you decide to renovate your kitchen, it should be equipped with the best furniture. If you are interested, you can find out more here . I was told that I can find more there. I think it might be useful. My friend who owns a cafe orders kitchen furniture here.

    Published 10.19.22 Reply
  7. Michal commented:

    I’m truly amazed by your new dining room, it’s so elegant and inviting! 😍 The design, color scheme, and overall aesthetic are simply breathtaking. I can’t help but notice the attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship that reminds me of the expertise basement builders bring to their projects. This space is perfect for hosting family and friends, and I can already imagine the memorable gatherings that will take place here. 🍽️🏠 Congratulations on creating such a beautiful and welcoming area in your home! 🎉

    Published 3.24.23 Reply

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