October 6, 2019

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now // No. 4

Sydne Style shows how to diy a star bag

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. So the thing I’m most excited about this week is Halloween costumes! Usually by now, I have my costumes ready. But I’m a little behind because of my injury. So I’m just starting to think of ideas. I’ve been pinning up a storm on my Halloween Costume Ideas Pinterest board. There are so many DIYs in my head that I just need to narrow them down this week so I can create something and photograph it for you! Here are all the things I’m loving right now…


#1: costume ideas

I went through all my old Halloween costume ideas. I’ve done so many over the years! Some of my favorites have been a  Clueless group costume, my shooting star costume and a Sesame Street duo I created with one of my best friends. I seriously wish Halloween was every month. I have so many costumes I want to create!

#2: Disney princess

Speaking of Halloween, one of my favorite bloggers for costume inspiration is Keiko of Keiko Lynn. She gets so into the holiday and does a Halloween series every year full of costume ideas and incredible makeup. I don’t know how she’s going to top her Disney princess series from last year. It was so incredible!

#3: lightweight sunnies

Ever since my injury, I’ve been insanely sensitive to light. Sometimes I even have to wear sunglasses inside. The pair I’ve been wearing the most are my Ray-Bans.

They’re the most lightweight pair I own and I don’t even feel them when I’m wearing them all day. Plus, they never leave nose creases, which I hate. I have the tortoise pair, but they also come in black, nude and blue.

Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses, $143

#4: vegan leather leggings

My favorite leather leggings from last year ripped. So I went on a search for a replacement. I ordered a few different pairs and experiences a few different disasters (if you watch my Insta Stories you know what I mean from my try-on sessions). But I found the perfect fit in these Bardot leather pants.

They fit like a glove and I love the zipper bottoms, so I can wear them over boots if I like. Plus, the price is just right at under $100.

Bardot leather pants, $99

#5: an inspiring memoir

After sharing my Bill Cunningham memory on Insta Stories, my friend sent me his memoir. Bill Cunningham was extremely influential in the fashion world, but I never knew how he got started. This memoir of his beginning is not only fascinating but also extremely inspirational.  I learned that he was a man who was able to put an optimistic spin on everything in life, a lesson I think we can all take whether we’re associated with fashion or not.

“Fashion Climbing” by Bill Cunningham, $17





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