April 17, 2020

Quarantine Fashion Trend to Try: The Pillow Dress!

Sydne Style shows the best pillow case challenge pillow dresses on Instagram with floral pillow dress

Could the hottest trend of spring really be a pillow? Well, not really, but it sure is a fun Instagram challenge to try. After seeing a few of my friends rock a pillow as a mini dress, I saw that it was a challenge on Instagram called #pillowchallenge. I’m always up for a good quarantine challenge. So I literally went around the house trying on pillows.

I finally decided on a floral sham from my parent’s guest room, where I’ve been riding out the lockdown. Accessories are key in this challenge. With a Gucci belt, pearl hoops and nude pumps it almost looks like a real dress! Of course, I couldn’t turn around, considering my entire backside is bare. But it sure is a fun weekend activity… and gives a whole new meaning to pillow talk.

Speaking of pillows, I brought my silk pillowcase with my down to San Diego. I’ve talked about the benefits of silk pillowcases before. And I can’t recommend them more. Especially these days when we’re going straight from bed to zoom meetings, it’s nice to have a pillow that doesn’t leave a crease on your face!

Shop silk pillow cases

My two favorites are Night, which creates their own pillow as well. I use it at home and regret not bringing it with me to San Diego. Night is 40% off right now at Bloomingdale’s so it’s a great time to buy their pillows and pillow cases. I also love Slip silk pillowcases. They’re the first ones I’ve tried and have the cutest prints! They also have matching silk eye masks and scrunchies if you want a full set. Slip is also having a sale right now at Bloomie’s. I know silk pillowcases are a bit of a splurge, but for me, they’ve been worth every penny. Plus, the cute designs are perfect for the pillow challenge!

Need more inspo on how to rock a pillow this spring? Here are some of my favorite #pillowchallenge trends I’ve seen on Instagram…

Silk pillow dress

Silk pillowcases make for extra luxe pillow dresses. Case in point? @caitlinbea‘s virtual happy hour in Gucci tights and a ribbon belt. And speaking of fabulous accessories, look at @lauryncakes‘ toilet paper handbag!

feather pillow dress

I had to do a double take when I first saw @whit_wanders‘ feather pillow dress. I truly thought it was a real dress at first! The rhinestone headband added to the Gossip Girl chic factor. I also still can not get over @niamllr‘s daughter in a mini feather pillow dress. She is too precious!

classic white pillow dress

There is something to be said about a minimalist approach to the #pillowchallenge. By just adding a simple belt and sandals, @sarah_najafi looks oh so chic in her classic white pillow. And if you’re engaged, why not follow @bb_matika‘s lead and do some wedding dress shopping at home?! Could the pillow dress be the biggest wedding trend of 2020? I kid, but with those gloves, veil and rhinestone belt, Matika sure made it work!

If you try the #pillowchallenge tag my on Instagram (@sydnesummer) and I’ll share over on my stories! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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