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These 3 Beach Candles Make Feel Like I’m on Vacation!

The beach has always been my happy place. But even though I live in Los Angeles, I don't get to the ocean as much as...

Two Ways I Use Eucalyptus in My Home

I accidentally stumbled upon my love for eucalyptus earlier this year. While doing my weekly flower shopping at Trader Joe's (they seriously have the best...

A Closer Peek at my Living Room Painting

After one of my #ssathome photos was reposted on Instagram, I got a bunch of questions about the painting hanging in my living room. I...

The Easiest Way to Water Orchids: My Favorite $14 Home Decor Item

The other week we chatted about how to water succulents. The only other plant I keep in my home are orchids. I pick them up...

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