April 13, 2018

Two Ways I Use Eucalyptus in My Home

Sydne Style shares how to make easy flower arrangements for home decor ideasI accidentally stumbled upon my love for eucalyptus earlier this year. While doing my weekly flower shopping at Trader Joe’s (they seriously have the best selection!) I picked up a mixed bouquet. As the roses wilted and the daisies lost their petals, the eucalyptus stayed as fresh as ever. I picked the stems out and placed them on their own in a vase. They stayed in that vase for three months.

Eucalyptus is the greenery that keeps on giving.
I now use it both for home decor and for relaxation.

Home Decor

You can use the leaves on their own as permanent decor in your home. As eucalyptus dries out, it loses it’s delicious scent a bit but it remains just as calming to look at. I keep mine in my white vases on my media console. Sometimes, I’ll add in a few garden roses or peonies for a splash of color.


Another way I’ve started to use eucalyptus is to create a spa-like shower at home. I learned this trick from my girl Lauryn. You simply place a few sprigs of eucalyptus in your shower. I keep mine in a mason jar. As the warm water heats up, it mimics the relaxing sensation of a eucalyptus infused steam room.

I prefer the fresh greenery but you can also benefit from eucalyptus with candles or oils. The smell is said to help reduce stress and have a calming effect on the mind… perfect for an evening at home!

Sydne Style shares home decor ideas with eucalyptus in marble white vasePhotos by Vanessa Tierney

Vases: CB2 and Wayfair
Candle: Jonathan Adler
Tee: SheIn
Jeans: AGolde
Jewelry: Kendra Scott

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