August 27, 2017

My Home Makeover: Cleaning Up and Remodeling

I’m so excited to bring you the first episode of my new “My Home Makeover” series. As I mentioned, I’m completely redoing my condo. And I want to bring you along with me through the entire process. Every Sunday, I will be vlogging about my home makeover from the initial stages of preparing for renovation to the final stages of decorating.

This week is a little embarrassing because I’m showing you the cleaning up process. I’ve lived in my West Hollywood condo for about nine years. You can see photos of what it looked like when it was clean in my old home tour with The Everygirl.

The amount of stuff I accumulated over the years is insane! Between appointments with my designer and contractor, I started a major deep clean of the space. And I learned many lessons along the way.

I hope you enjoy the first episode and let me know what you want to see more of in upcoming weeks!

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  1. Suzanne DeVaney commented:

    hey sydne! loved seeing an inside look at your redesign process..must be very stressful…but sure you will love the results…bunny is soo adorable..thanks for sharing the journey..

    Published 8.27.17 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Aw thanks! It is stressful but exciting! Glad you liked the video 🙂

      Published 8.27.17 Reply
  2. Alicia commented:

    Sydne looking forward to the makeover, luv your style. Also, I liked your home before the makeover too. I used your living room and dining room as inspiration.

    Published 8.27.17 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Aw thanks Alicia! That makes me so happy! I love my home but after almost ten years there were a lot of things that needed to be fixed. Plus, I’m doing a lot of refreshes in my life so figured it was a great opportunity for more positive change 🙂

      Published 8.27.17 Reply
  3. Melody commented:

    I ammmm sooo excited for you Sweetie!! I can’t wait to see the end results!!! And you and Bunny are just too cute! BTW, I love the vlogs! It really takes us through the whole process! 🙂

    Published 8.29.17 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Thanks so much Melody! I’m so happy you’re excited!

      Published 9.2.17 Reply
  4. sky commented:

    Remodeling projects are so exciting, especially when it comes to renovating smaller spaces. Don’t worry about the condo being a bit messy, it will become even messier but in the end it will be worth it!

    Published 8.29.17 Reply
  5. Elisabeth commented:

    Thank you for sharing, the result is great. I have a cleaning process that makes this tool much easier I am against chemistry, but it is eco-friendly, and will carefully clean any surface, and most importantly – it will not harm and will not leave traces!

    Published 8.6.20 Reply
  6. Katelin commented:

    It’s great that you share all the stages of the transformation of your home. My family is also doing repairs now. We start with the basics, choose an electrician for ourselves, so that he can properly advise us on the location of sockets and lighting

    Published 5.27.21 Reply
  7. Veronika commented:

    It always takes a lot of effort to redevelop a house properly. It is important not to neglect your comfort. For me, a pleasant temperature at any time of the year is extremely important, because I work from home. Therefore, I found for myself the best specialists here who are regularly engaged in preventive maintenance so that the air conditioner does not fail

    Published 12.7.21 Reply
  8. Maurice Sabel commented:

    Good, but I need not a home remodelling, but a good cleaning. I inherited a house from my grandfather, but the old man couldn’t clean it properly.

    Published 5.24.22 Reply
  9. Sabrina Fairchild commented:

    And what sort of cleaning are you looking for? If you meant duct cleaining and things like this, you need to contact as these people are real professionals. This, of course, can be just my opinion, but we liked the way they cleared all ducts in our office from dust and by-products of street smog.

    Published 5.24.22 Reply

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