December 28, 2018

18 Faves of 2018

Sydne Style shows the best black lace rompers for summer nights

2018 was certainly a year of ups and downs. But I learned so much this year, which has resulted in major personal growth. Overall, there is nothing I would change. I’m so thankful for everything in my life… and beyond thankful for all of you! It’s truly incredible to get to share everything with my Sydne Style fam. Here are some of my highlights of 2018…

#1 Fave new addition to the family

Jack Jack! The hardest part of 2018 was losing my precious girl, Bunny Bell. But I’m so thankful for all the time I did get to spend with her. And I truly believe that she sent JJ to me from China. Ever since he came into my life, he has brought a smile to my face every day. I had so much fun with him and my parents last week in San Diego. You can see our Christmas video over on Instagram.

Sydne Style shows how to wear the shirtless tuxedo trend for celebrity style like demi lovato

#2 Fave outfit

My favorite outfit this year was inspired by the celebrity shirtless tuxedo trend. I was honestly a little scared to try it. The thought of going out in public without a top was beyond frightening! But with a little double stick tape and a trusty waist belt, I was given the courage to step out in a blazer sans top. The blazer was new (and quite the steal at $32!). The pants were old. And the smile was thanks to trying out something new.

# 3 Fave video

I love doing my trend guide fashion videos every season on YouTube. But this year I tried to experiment with new video formats. My favorite was my 73 Questions, inspired by Vogue‘s popular video series.

#4 Fave Celebrity Style

My biggest style icon this year was Meghan Markle. Her outfits continually inspired me to create my own sophisticated, timeless looks.

#5 Fave new blog feature

I relaunched Sydne Style in 2018. It was a ton of work and worth every minute! My favorite new feature is the Outfits page, where you can search by season, occasion or key piece.

#6 Fave trend

I was so happy that the Western trend took the fashion world by storm in 2018. From fringe to cowboy boots, I had so much fun unleashing my inner cowgirl.

Sydne Style and Jessica Lowndes share girls trip to cabo san lucas mexico

#7 Fave Trip

Sometimes the most spontaneous trips are the best. My girlfriend Jessica and I decided to do a last minute trip to Cabo for Labor Day weekend. We had the best time in the world and came back with a brand new attitude on life. It sent the tone for the rest of the year in the most positive ways.

#8 Fave beauty trend

I had a lot of fun playing with pops of color with my makeup in 2018. I generally go for a natural look. But in 2018 I was inspired by the Golden Globes to play with purple. And then I had a blast partnering with Mary Kay to come up with three colorful holiday eye makeup looks.

#9 Fave weekend

I had so many wonderful weekends in 2018. But my all time favorite was celebrating Kelly’s birthday in Palm Springs. I was going through a rough patch and a weekend in the sunshine with wonderful friends and adorable pups was just the right dose of medicine.

Sydne Style shares glam holiday decor ideas for white home decor with glitter wreath

#10 Fave shoot

Ever since I redid my home in 2017, I’ve been so into home decor. My favorite shoot this year was my holiday decor home shoot. It was such a blast transforming my space into a winter wonderland!

#11 Fave event

The Veuve Clicquot polo match has always been one of my favorite events. I went to the the first polo match they had in LA! I’ve been out of town the last years so I was thrilled to get to attend this year. And it was one of the best years yet!

Sydne Style shares oil painting of louboutin shoes

#12 Fave accomplishment

I sold my first painting! If you watched my 73 Questions video, you already know that I paint in my free time. I never thought about selling a painting but my friend told me about a Unicef auction in Venice. I decided to donate one of my paintings, not thinking much about it. It sold for $500, which was all was donated to charity. It felt extra incredible when the buyer messaged me on Insta to thank me for creating the painting.

#13 Fave new human

My best friend in the world, Michelle, had a baby this year. Since she’s like my sister (she was my first friend in LA!), it feels like her son is my nephew. They live in New York, so I’ll just have to visit the city even more in the new year so I can watch him grow.

#14 Fave bag trend

Circle bags! I could not stop collecting circle bags this year. I find the shape so chic and the style works year round!

#15 Fave purchase

A $25 coat rack! I know it sounds a little odd that this coat rack was my favorite purchase of the year. But honestly, it’s been life changing. Ok, not life changing but it’s certainly made my life much easier!

Sydne Style shares easy lunch ideas with pesto pasta salad

#16 Fave recipe

My mind was blown when I discovered vegan pesto. I’m a bit of a pasta-a-holic. So it was pretty major to find a healthy sauce to pair with my brown rice pasta. I eat it multiple times a week!

Sydne Style shows Trend Girls of the week in 2018 fashion trends

#17 Fave ways you wore it

I love seeing how you guys are inspired by the Sydne Style Trend Guide. Some of the top trend girls this year that shared their #ssTrendGuide looks were @wadia.cherifi in polka dots, @barefootinla in florals, @msmeikostyle in florals, @jeans.n.stilettos in ruffles, @claire_frimming in stripes and @themelissalifestyle_ in animal prints.

Sydne Style rounds up the best kate spade quotes about being happy

#18 Fave quote

The tragic news of Kate Spade really affected me this year. But I’ve used it as a constant reminder to appreciate all the beauty that life has to offer. It’s one of my goals in the new year to stay present, and be thankful for all the little things in life. Again, I’m so thankful for all of you. I couldn’t do what I do every day without your constant love and support. I hope 2019 is your best year yet!


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  1. Linda Evans commented:

    Very nice way to summarize the previous year. Honestly, I have not ever thought to do that, but your article inspired me a lot. Thank you.

    I adore Meghan Markle’s style.

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    • Sydne commented:

      I’m so glad you liked it Linda! And yay team Meghan!

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